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Here at our ELC learning providers directory, we specialise in listing enhanced learning credits providers and private organisations for members of the Armed Forces. Our directory can help you to find an educational institute in the UK who provides the required course(s) to suit your requirements.

Army resettlement

Resettling on your own after being in the army can often be a struggle, which is why we are now offering a huge range of assistance and advice for army service members who are resettling after serving for the army. Whether you are looking for resettlement due to your time in the army coming to an end, you are about to hand in your notice or have a medical condition, we will be able to tailor our resettlement advice to suit your situation and overall needs.

When resettling after leaving the army, we will also be able to offer financial help in many different ways including offering enhanced learning credits to assist you in gaining a recognised level 3 or above qualification if you wish. We are also able to offer you honest references from your army sergeant and peers in order to help you find a job if you wish to get back into mainstream work straight away.

When offering our resettlement services to members leaving the army, we will also take into consideration of any family members such as spouse and children who may need to resettle together. We are also able to offer temporary resettlement for any army service members who are resettling due to a temporary medical condition.