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Abingdon and Witney College

Wootton Road, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, OX14 1GG

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Available Courses

VPAC302PA2 Human Biology
AFA020PA2 Levels Abingdon Campus
AFW080PA2 Levels Witney Campus
VPAC305PA2 Psychology
VPAG303PA2 Psychology - PT Infill
BPAG313PAAT Dip in Accounting L3
BPWG357PAAT Dip in Accounting L3
BFAG102PAAT Dip in Accounting L3 (Fast Track)
BFWG105PAAT Dip in Accounting L3 (Fast Track)
BPAG315PAAT Dip in Accounting L4
BPAG316PAAT Dip in Accounting L4
BFAG103PAAT Dip in Accounting L4 (Fast Track)
BPAG314PAAT Level 3 Diploma in Accounting (Eve)
BPWG301PAAT Level 3 Diploma in Accounting (Eve)
BPWG359PAAT Level 4 Diploma in Accounting (Day)
BPWG360PAAT Level 4 Diploma in Accounting (Eve)
VPAC380PAccess to HE (Combined Studies) Y1/2
VFAC101PAccess to HE General
CFWC101PAccess to HE Health Care
CPWC302PAccess to HE Health Care Y1/2
VPAC301PAS Human Biology
AFA010PAS Levels Abingdon Campus
AFW070PAS Levels Witney Campus
VPAC311PAS Mathematics
VPAC304PAS Psychology
VPWC347PAS Psychology
VPAG301PAS Psychology-Infill
VPWG201PAS Psychology-PT Infill
BFAG201PBND Event Management
JFWA102PBND Information Technology L3 Y1/2
FPAE05PBND Mech & Prod Engineering L3 Y1/2
EJW050PBSc Equine Mngmnt (Th'bred) FT Y1/4
EHWB103PBSc Equine Science Y1/3
BFAH302PBTEC Diploma Business (Marketing) L3 Y1/2
BFWH303PBTEC Diploma Business (Marketing) L3 Y1/2
FPAE10PBTEC Diploma Electrical/Electronic Eng L3 Y1/2
BFAH301PBTEC Diploma Ent'prise & Entreprenuership L3
EFSE108PBTEC Diploma Horse Management (from Award) L3
EFSC102PBTEC Extended Diploma Animal Management Y1/2
EFSH103PBTEC Extended Diploma Animal Management Y1/2
VFAD103PBTEC Extended Diploma Applied/Forensic Science Y1/2
PFWC101PBTEC Extended Diploma Art & Design Y1/2
PFWG111PBTEC Extended Diploma Art & Design Y1/2
BFAH401PBTEC Extended Diploma Business L3 Y1/2
BFWH403PBTEC Extended Diploma Business L3 Y1/2
EFSF102PBTEC Extended Diploma Countryside Management L3 Y1/2
EFSH105PBTEC Extended Diploma Countryside Mngmnt Y1/2
FFAH102PBTEC Extended Diploma Engineering L3 Y1/2
CFAH107PBTEC Extended Diploma Health & Social Care Y1/2
EFW010PBTEC Extended Diploma Horse Management L3 Y1/2
EFSH101PBTEC Extended Diploma Horse Management Y1/2
EFSG117PBTEC Extended Diploma Horticulture L3 Y1/2
JFWB103PBTEC Extended Diploma IOT L3 Y2/2
RFWC104PBTEC Extended Diploma Media (Production) L3 Y1/2
RFAC102PBTEC Extended Diploma Media Y1/2
VFWG104PBTEC Extended Diploma Medical Science L3 Y1/2
FFWH105PBTEC Extended Diploma Music Technology L3 Y1/2
RFAG202PBTEC Extended Diploma Performance L3 Y1/2
SFAH105PBTEC Extended Diploma Public Service L3 Y1/2
SFWH103PBTEC Extended Diploma Public Service Y1/2
SFAH109PBTEC Extended Diploma Sport L3 Y1/2
SFWH101PBTEC Extended Diploma Sport L3 Y1/2
SFAH107PBTEC Extended Diploma Travel & Tourism L3 Y1/2
EFWD104PBTEC Subsidiary Diploma Animal Management L3
EFSF121PBTEC Subsidiary Diploma Countryside Management L3
EPSH219PBTEC Subsidiary Diploma Countryside Management L3
RFAG205PBTEC Subsidiary Diploma Dance L3 Y1/2
JFAH101PBTEC Subsidiary Diploma Games Development L3
JFWG201PBTEC Subsidiary Diploma Games Development L3
EFSD107PBTEC Subsidiary Diploma Horse Management L3
EPSH220PBTEC Subsidiary Diploma Horticulture L3
RFAF107PBTEC Subsidiary Diploma Media L3
RFWF108PBTEC Subsidiary Diploma Media L3
SFWG110PBTEC Subsidiary Diploma Sport L3
EFSF111PC&G Subsidiary Diploma in Horticulture
CFAH101PCACHE Dip Childcare & Ed L3 Y1/2
HPAH113PCert Fashion & Photographic Make Up L3
HSAH103PCert Fashion & Photographic Make Up L3
HHAG363PCert High Ed Comp Approaches to Health
BSAG354PCIPS - Developing Contracts - L4
BSAG353PCIPS Effective Negotiating L4
BSAG362PCIPS FD Purchase&Supp Chain Relations L4
BSAG356PCIPS Imp Supp Chain Performance L5
BSAH363PCIPS Leading & Influencing L6
BSAH367PCIPS Legal Aspects-Purchase & Supply L6
BSAG357PCIPS Marketing for Purchasers L5
BSAG355PCIPS Measuring Purchasing Perform L4
BSAH364PCIPS Project Management L6
BSAG361PCIPS Purchasing Contexts L4
BSAG360PCIPS Risk Mngment & Supply Chain L5
BSAG359PCIPS Storage & Distrubution L5
BSAH365PCIPS Strategic Sup Chain Management L6
BSAH366PCIPS Supply Chain Manage in Practice L6
BSAG358PCIPS-Manage in Purchase Funct L5
BSWG350PComputerised Accounts Sage Lv3
HPAG100PDip in Aromatherapy L3 (infil)
BSAG324PDip in HR Practice
CPAC21PDip Pre-School Practice
JHAD304PFoundation Degree in Computing - Yr1/ 2
CHAG101PFoundation Degree - Support for Learning - Yr1/2
CHWC305PFoundation Degree - Early Years FT - Yr 1/2
CHAB305PFoundation Degree - Early Years FT - Yr1/2
EHWC101PFoundation Degree - Equine Science & Manage Yr1/2
EHWE103PFoundation Degree Animal Behaviour/ Welfare - Yr 1/2
BHAF302PFoundation Degree Bus. Management & Comm Yr 1/2
FHAG305PFoundation Degree Elect & Electronic Eng FT Yr1/2
FHAG307PFoundation Degree Elect & Electronic Eng PT Yr1/3
JHAD305PFoundation Degree in Computing Yr1/3
FHAG308PFoundation Degree Mechanical Engineering PT Yr1/3
FHAG306PFoundation Degree Mechanical Engineering Yr1/2
FHWG302PFoundation Degree Sound & Media Technology Yr1/2
FHWG301PFoundation Degree Sound & Media Technology Yr1/3
PFA200PFoundation Studies Art & Design - L3
PPAA302PFoundation Studies Art & Design L3 Y2/2
SFAH107PINDEX CODE BED Travel & Tourism L3 Y1/2
SFAH107PINDEX CODE BED Travel & Tourism L3 Y1/2
BPAA502PInstitute Leadership & Management - L3
BSAG322PInstitute of Leadership&Management - L4
BSAG323PInstitute of Leadership&Management - L5
HFAC102PNVQ Dip Beauty Therapy L3
HFWC105PNVQ Dip Beauty Therapy L3
CPAF303PNVQ Dip Childcare, Learn & Developm't L3
HFWH103PNVQ Dip Hairdressing L3
CPAG304PPrep to Teach Lifelong Learning Sector
CPAG308PPrep to Teach Lifelong Learning Sector
CPAG311PPrep to Teach Lifelong Learning Sector
CPWG312PPrep to Teach Lifelong Learning Sector
EPAH101PRHS Cert Principles of Garden Planning
EPAH102PRHS Cert Principles of Plant Growth
HFAC101PVTCT Beauty Therapy NVQ L3 (Adult)
HPAG102PVTCT Cert Indian Head Massage L3
HFAC103PVTCT Dip Complementary Therapies L3
HPAH112PVTCT Dip Reflexology L3