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Bournemouth and Poole College

North Road, Poole, Somerset, BH14 0LS

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Available Courses

FQL4PQ0011AAT Accounting (Technician Fast Track)
FQL3EQ0016AAT Accounting - Level 3 Diploma
FQL3PQ0016AAT Accounting - Level 3 Diploma
FQL4PQ0028AAT Accounting Technician
SQX3RZ0019Administration & Business Level 3
FHL3FD004HAdvanced Diploma in Sport and Active Leisure
HAN3RZ0047Advice & Guidance Level 3
HAN4RZ0042Advice & Guidance Level 4
HAC3FD0034BTEC Extended Diploma in Applied Science: Forensic Science
HAC3FD005CBTEC Extended Diploma in Applied Science: Medical Science
CJN3FN010CBTEC Extended Diploma in Art and Design
FHL3FD003BBTEC Level 3 Award in Sport - Surf Academy
FHL3FD002ABTEC Level 3 Diploma in Sport - Watersports Academy
FAL3FD002ABTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Public Services (Uniformed)
FHL3FN001HBTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Sport (Development Coaching & Fitness)
TDN3FN003EBTEC Level 3 Subsidiary/Extended Diploma in Manufacturing
HAC3PD0013BTEC National Certificate in Pharmacy Services
SGL3FN121ABTEC National Diploma in Applied Science: Beauty Therapy
TEN3PN0016BTEC National Diploma in Construction
SGL3FN123EBTEC National Diploma in Hospitality
FHL3FN005CBTEC Sport - Development Coaching and Fitness
FHL3FD001CBTEC Subsidiary Diploma in Sport (QCF)
TDN3FN121BBTEC Subsidiary/Extended Diplom in Electronics & Computer Engineering
FQL3FN001DBTEC Subsidiary/Extended Diploma in Business
TEN3FN003GBTEC Subsidiary/Extended Diploma in Construction
TENHDH0015Built Environment (Construction)
SQX4RZ0012Business & Administration - Level 4
TDL3EZ0014C&G 6958 Level 3 Electronic Servicing
HAC3FD001HCACHE Level 3 Diploma in Childcare & Education
HAN3FD002FCACHE Level 3 Diploma in Childcare & Education
TEF3ED0011Carpentry - Site Carpentry- Level 3
CJN3PZ0015Ceramics - Creative Studies - Level 3 Certificate
CJN3PZ0041Ceramics - Creative Studies - Level 3 Certificate
HXNHPF0047Certificate in Education (PGCE)
FHX3PC0131Certificate in Personal Training
HAC3FN002CChildren's Care Learning and Development - Level 3
TDLXEZ0078CISCO (IT Essentials)
TDLXEZ0019CISCO Networking Academy CCNA 1
TDLXEZ0027CISCO Networking Academy CCNA 2
TDLXEZ0035CISCO Networking Academy CCNA 3
TDLXEZ0043CISCO Networking Academy CCNA 4
TDLXEZ0142CISCO Security Part 2
TDLXEZ0124CISCO Wireless Networking
FCL3FD001DCity & Guilds/NPTC Level 3 Award in Animal Management
SGL3FN001HCity and Guilds Level 3 Diploma in Floristry
SQN5PZ0011CMI Certificate in Management Level 5
SQX3PZ0028CMI Level 3 Management
SQX4PZ0031CMI Level 4 in Management
HMN3PZ0023Community Interpreting
HAN3EZ0013Counselling Studies Level 3
SQX3RZ0027Customer Service Level 3
HAN3PZ0013Dental Nursing - Oral Health Care
HAN3PZ2016Dental Nursing Programme
SFL3FW001EEDI Level 3 Diploma in ICT User
SQL3FQ001BEDI QCF Level 3 in Administration
TDN3PC0014Electrical - Installing Electro-technical Systems C&G 2330
TDN3PZ0232Electrical - Installing Electro-technical Systems C&G 2330
TDN3PQ0012Electrical - Installing Electro-technical Systems C&G 2356
TDNHPH0247Electrical Technology - FdSc/HNC
TDNHDH0013Electronics & Computer Technology FdSc/HNC
TDN3PN0014Electronics & Electrical Engineering
TDNHPH0131Engineering (Mechanical Design) - FdSc
TDNHPH0158Engineering (Mechanical Design) - FdSc
TDNHPH0018Engineering (Production Management) HNC/HND
TDNHPH0141Engineering (Production Management) HNC/HND
SQN3PZ0012First Line Management
SCL3PZ0011Floristry Level 3 Certificate
TDF3FC002EFurniture Production
HAN3TQ0022Health & Social Care
HAN3RZ0039Health & Social Care Level 3
HAN4RZ0024Health & Social Care Level 4
HXC3FC001DHealth Professionals - Access to HE Diploma
FXL3FH001DHumanities/Combined/Social Science - Access to Higher Education
TDN3PZ0168IEE Wiring Reguations 17th Edition - C&G 2382-20 (Update)
TDN3EZ0011IEE Wiring Regulations 17th Edition C&G 2382-10
TDN3FD002BIMI Dip in Vehicle Maintenance & Repair
SFX3RZ0019IT Users (ITQ Level 3)
CJN3EZ0015Jewellery & Silversmithing - Level 3 Certificate
CJN3PZ0023Jewellery & Silversmithing - Level 3 Certificate
CJN3PZ0058Jewellery & Silversmithing - Level 3 Certificate
SGL3FQ002BLadies Hairdressing - Level 3
HAN4RZ0032Leadership & Management in Care Level 4
HAN3PZ0048Level 3 Certificate in Counselling Studies
SGL3FQ001DLevel 3 Diploma in Beauty Therapy
SQL5PZ0022Level 7 Diploma Strategic Management & Leadership
SQN5PZ2012Management - NVQ Level 5
SQN5PZ0028Management Executive Diploma - Level 7
TDN3PN0022Manufacturing - Level 3
CJC3FH001AMedia - Access to Higher Education
CJE3FN101FMedia - Advanced Studies in Media
TANXPZ5101NEBOSH - General Certificate
SNN3EZ0017Personnel Practice Certificate - Level 3
HNN4PX0044Preparing to Teach in The Lifelong Learning Sector (PTLLS)
FQL3EZ0015Professional Certificate in Marketing
SGL3PQ0011Professional Cookery Level 3
FQL4EZ0019Professional Diploma in Marketing
SAL3EZ0018Reflexology (Level 3)
HAC3FC001BScience (Forensics) - Access to Higher Education
FPL3FC001BScience - Access to Higher Educaiton
HAN3FC001BSocial Work Nursing and Health Professionals - Access to HE
FHL3FH001ESport Science - Access to Higher Education
SGL3PZ0027Supervising Food Safety
HNN4EC0104Teaching in The Lifelong Learning Sector (CTLLS)
HAN4PW0012Therapeutic Counselling - Level 4
SNN3PZ0017Training Practice Certificate - Level 3
SGL3FD005FVRQ Advanced Diploma in Professional Catering
TEF3EQ0012Wood Occupations