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Cirencester College Business School

@Tetbury Centre, New Church Street, Tetbury, Gloucestershire, GL8 8DS

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Available Courses

CP0V10C2MABasic Computing, Internet and Email Open Learning
AD9E10C1YBBusiness & Admin - Intro (TB:CW) Castle 5wks au10
AD9E10C1YABusiness & Admin - Intro (TB:CW) Tetbury 5wks au10
AD2N10C2JABusiness Administration L2 NVQ Certificate 2yrs
AD2N10C2JBBusiness Administration L2 NVQ Diploma 2yrs
AD3N10C2JABusiness Administration L3 NVQ Certificate 2yrs
AD3N10C2JBBusiness Administration L3 NVQ Diploma 2yrs
AD4N10C2JABusiness Administration L4 NVQ Certificate 2yrs
AD4N10C2JBBusiness Administration L4 NVQ Diploma 2yrs
TE9X10C1ZACert in Adult Lit & ESOL Learning Support 10wks au10
MG9X10C1YCCIM Intro Certificate in Marketing Castle 3wks au10
HN9X10C1ZACIPD Cert in HR Practice L3 Castle 20wks
CP9E10C1YCComputing for Beginners Castle (TB:CW) 11wks au10
CP9E10C1YDComputing for Beginners Castle (TB:CW) 11wks au10
CP9E10C1YAComputing for Beginners Fairford Lib (TB:CW) 11 wks au10
CP9E10C1YBComputing for Beginners Tetbury (TB:CW) 11 wks au10
CP9E10C1ZAComputing for Beginners Tetbury (TB:CW) 11 wks au10
CS2N10C2JACustomer Service NVQ L2 Certificate 2yrs
CS3N10C2JACustomer Service NVQ L3 Diploma 2yrs
DC9X10C1ZADigital Cameras - Basics Castle 5wks au10
DC9X10C1YADigital Cameras - Basics Tetbury 5wks au10
DC9X10C1ZBDigital Cameras - Beyond the Basics Castle 5wks au10
DC9X10C1YBDigital Cameras - Beyond the Basics Tetbury 5wks au10
CP9X10C2MCECDL Advanced Single Unit L3 Open Learning 2yrs
CP1V10C1YAECDL Essentials Castle 12wks
CP1V10C2MAECDL Flexiqual L1 Award IT User Skills Open Learning
CP2V10C2MBECDL Flexiqual L2 Cert IT Users Skills Open Learning
CP3V10C2MCECDL Flexiqual L3 Award - IT Users Skills Open Learning 2yrs
ESAV10C1KBESOL Skills for Life Entry L1 (Speaking & Listening) 18wks
ESAV10C1KAESOL Skills for Life Entry L1 (Whole qual) 18wks 90hrs
ESBV10C1KBESOL Skills for Life Entry L2 (Speaking & Listening) 18wks
ESBV10C1KAESOL Skills for Life Entry L2 (Whole qual) 18wks 90hrs
ESCV10C1KBESOL Skills for Life Entry L3 (Speaking & Listening) 18wks
ESCV10C1KAESOL Skills for Life Entry L3 (Whole qual) 18wks 90hrs
ES1V10C1KBESOL Skills for Life L1 (Speaking & Listening) 18wks 90hrs
ES1V10C1KAESOL Skills for Life L1 (Whole qual) 18wks 90hrs
ES2V10C1KBESOL Skills for Life L2 (Speaking & Listening) 18wks 90hrs
ES2V10C1KAESOL Skills for Life L2 (Whole qual) 18wks 90hrs
FT2N10C2JAFood Processing & Cooking L2 2yrs
CM1V10C2YBFunctional Skills L1 - English 2yrs
NM1V10C2YBFunctional Skills L1 - Maths 2yrs
CM2V10C2YBFunctional Skills L2 - English
NM2V10C2YBFunctional Skills L2 - Maths
IN9X10C1YAGoogle Fully Explored Castle 3wks
HC2N10C2JAHealth & Social Care (Adults) NVQ L2 2yrs
HC3N10C2JAHealth & Social Care (Adults) NVQ L3 2yrs
HC4N10C2JAHealth & Social Care (Adults) NVQ L4 2yrs
HL2N10C2JAHospitality Services L2 NVQ Diploma 2yrs
MC9X10C1ZAIAB L1 Computerised Book-keeping(Sage) Castle 9wks
MC9X10C1YAIAB L1 Computerised Book-keeping(Sage) Tetbury 9wks
MC9X10C1ZBIAB L2 Computerised Book-keeping Cert (Sage) Castle 10wks
MG9X10C1YAILM First Line Management Award L3 Castle 4wks
MG9X10C1YBILM Team Leader Award L2 Castle 3wks
MC9E10C1ZAIntro-Computerised Book-keeping(Sage) (TB:CW) Castle 5wks
MC9E10C1YAIntro-Computerised Book-keeping(Sage) (TB:CW) Tetbury 5wks
CP9E10C1YFIT for Work (TB:CW) Castle 1day au10
CP9E10C1YGIT for Work (TB:CW) Tetbury 1day au10
CP2N10C2JAIT Users NVQ L2 2yrs
CP3N10C2JAIT Users NVQ L3 2yrs
GU9E10C1YCJob Hunting Skills (TB:CF) Castle 1day au10
GU9E10C1YDJob Hunting Skills (TB:CF) Tetbury 1day au10
TE9X10C2JAL3 Cert in Assessing Candidates using Range of Methods (A1)
TE9X10C2JBL4 Cert Conducting Int Qual Assur Assessment Process (V1)
HC4N10C2JBLeadership & Management in Care Sector NVQ L4 2yrs
DL3N10C2JALearning and Development NVQ L3 2yrs
DL4N10C2JALearning and Development NVQ L4 2yrs
CP9X10C1MALearning Block Open Learning 1yrs 12hrs
CM0V10C2YALiteracy Entry LCertificate (whole Qual) 2yrs
CM0V10C2YBLiteracy Entry LOwn Learning Goal 2yrs
CM1V10C2YALiteracy L1 Certificate (National Test)
CM2V10C2YALiteracy L2 Certificate (National Test) 2yrs
MG3N10C2JAManagement L3 NVQ Certificate
MG5N10C2JAManagement L5 NVQ Diploma
MG5N10C2JBManagement L7 NVQ Diploma
MG2N10C2JBMarketing NVQ L2 2yrs
MG3N10C2JBMarketing NVQ L3 2yrs
NM0V10C2YANumeracy Entry LCertificate (Whole Qual) 2yrs
NM0V10C2YBNumeracy Entry LOwn Learning Goal 2yrs
NM2V10C2YANumeracy L2 Certificate (National Test)
CS4N10C2JAOCR L4 NVQ Diploma Customer Service 2yrs
SE2N10C2JASpectator Safety NVQ L2 2yrs
MG2N10C2JATeam Leader L2 NVQ Cert 2yrs
GU9E10C1YAWorking for Yourself (TB:CW) Castle 2days au10
GU9E10C1VAWorking for Yourself (TB:CW) Castle 2days sp11
GU9E10C1YBWorking for Yourself (TB:CW) Tetbury 2days au10