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City of Bath College

Avon Street, Bath, Somerset, BA1 1UP

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Available Courses

Q7ELR3TE1417th Edition Regs C&G 2382 Gp1
Q7ELR3TE1517th Edition Regs C&G 2382 Gp2
Q4AAT3BP11AAT L3 Intermediate (Day Release)
Q4AAT3BE11AAT L3 Intermediate (Evening)
Q4AAT3BF11AAT L3 Intermediate (Fast Track)
Q4AAT4BP11AAT L4 Technician (Day Release)
Q4AAT4BE11AAT L4 Technician (Evening)
Q8ACC1SF11Access To Higher Education FT
Q9ACC4SP21Access to Higher Education PT - Yr2
Q8ACC1SP11Access To Higher Education PT Yr 1
Q8CGL2VP11Adv. Diploma in Design & Craft: Glass
Q8JFM2VP11Adv. Diploma in Design & Craft: Jewellery
Q7AAP3HE11Anatomy & Physiology-Award L3 - eve 1
Q7AAP3HE12Anatomy & Physiology-Award L3 - eve 2
Q2APS3SF11Applied Science BTEC Nat Dip Yr1
Q3AAD3VF12Art & Design L3 Ext Diploma Yr 1
Q3AAD3VF21Art & Design Nat Dip Yr2
Q8NRS3MP01Art & Design-Found'n-Narrative Struct's
Q3FAD3VF11Art & Design-Foundation - Gp1
Q3FAD3VF12Art & Design-Foundation - Gp2
Q3FAD3VF13Art & Design-Foundation - Gp3
Q3FAD3VF14Art & Design-Foundation - Gp4
Q3FAD3VF15Art & Design-Foundation - Gp5
Q8FAD3VP11Art and Design-Foundation - PT -Yr1
Q8FAD3VP21Art and Design-Foundation - PT -Yr2
Q7ATF3VP1AArt Therapy-CoBC Cert-Fri
Q4AVD3PP11Assessor Award
Q7ABT3HF12Beauty- L3 Beauty Therapy - Make Up Grp2
Q4BEJ3CP11Bench Joinery - L3 Diploma
Q3BSE3TP21Building Services BTEC Nat Cert Yr2
Q3BSE3TF22Building Services BTEC Nat Dip Year 2
Q3BSE3DP11Building Services CBE Dip L3 PT Yr1
Q9BSE5TP11Building Services HND
Q4BAA3WB11Business & Admin Apprenticeship L3 Yr1
Q4ADM3TG11Business & Administration T2G L3 Yr1
Q4ADM4FC11Business Administration NVQ 4 Yr1
Q3BUS3CE11Business Certificate L3 PT Adult Eve
Q3BUS3EF11Business Extended Dip L3 Gp1
Q3BUS3EF12Business Extended Dip L3 Gp2
Q9BSU4BP11Business Management HNC Individual Units
Q9BIS4BP11Business Management HNC International
Q9BSD5BE41Business Management HND Individual Units
Q9BSD5BE31Business Management HND Part Time
Q4BUS2BF11Business Nat Dip (Yr1 Gp1)
Q3BFN3BF11Business Nat Dip Yr2 Gp1
Q3BFN3BF12Business Nat Dip Yr2 Gp2
Q4CARDIP31Carpentry - Diploma L3
Q4CARAWB01Carpentry - L3 Apprentices
Q4CAR3TG14Carpentry - NVQ3 - Bench T2G
Q4CAR3TG13Carpentry - NVQ3 - Site T2G
Q4OSATCA01Carpentry - NVQ3 OSAT Bench Ass't/IV
Q3STC3TP11Carpentry - NVQ3 OSAT Site Ass't/IV
Q4CARCCI02Carpentry - NVQ3 Site Carpentry
Q7ELT4LF03CELTA Intensive July TEFL
Q7CTL3BP11Certificate in Teaching LLS L3 Wed eve
Q7CTL4BP11Certificate in Teaching LLS L4 Wed eve
Q4CCE3CE21Childrens Care Learning Dev NVQ 3 Yr2
Q3CND3CF11Childrens Care Nat Diploma L3 Yr1 Gp1
Q3CND3CF12Childrens Care Nat Diploma L3 Yr1 Gp2
Q3CND3CF21Childrens Care Nat Diploma Yr2 Gp1
Q3CND3CF22Childrens Care Nat Diploma Yr2 Gp2
Q7CIM4BE11CIM Professional Cert in Marketing Eve
Q7COT3HP11Complementary Therapies -Diploma-L3
Q3BST3TF21Construction BTEC National Cert PT Yr2
Q3BST3TF22Construction BTEC National Dip Yr2
Q9BST5TP11Construction HND Year 1
Q4PHS3HF11Cookery Prof -NVQ3 -Hosp'ty Superv'n
Q4PCO3HF11Cookery Professional -NVQ 3
Q3PCC3HP11Cookery Professional-NVQ3- PT
Q3PCC3HA11Cookery Professional-NVQ3-Assessment/IV
Q7CCA2CE11Counselling Adv'd Cert CSCT
Q4CRE2VF11Creative & Media L3-Diploma Yr1
Q4CRE2VF21Creative & Media L3-Diploma Yr2
Q4CSL3WB11Customer Service Apprenticeship L3 Yr1
Q7CUS3TG11Customer Service NVQ L3 T2G Y1
Q9DTL4BP11Diploma in Teaching LLS L4 Wed Yr1
Q9DTL5BP11Diploma in Teaching LLS L5 Wed Yr2
Q4CCE3CE11Early Years Care and Education NVQ 3
Q4ELE3TG11Electrical T2G
Q4ELI3TP44Electro Tech Cert L3 CG 2330-07 Day Gp1
Q4ELI3TP45Electro Tech Cert L3 CG 2330-07 Day Gp2
Q4ELI3TE45Electro Tech Cert L3 CG 2330-07 Y2 Eve
Q3MET4HP11Emgineering HNC Yr 1
Q3MET3DF12Engineering Design Diploma L3
Q3MET3DF21Engineering Design Diploma L3 FT Yr2
Q3MET3EF21Engineering Design Ext Diploma L3 FT Yr 2
Q3MET3EF11Engineering Design Ext Diploma L3 FT Yr1
Q7ENT3DF11Enterprise & Entrepreneurship Dip L3
Q6ES53L90QESOL Skills for Life L2 PT 5hrs week
Q3NFT3VF21Fashion & Clothing-Nat Dip-Yr2
Q3NFT3VF13Fashion and Clothing L3 Ext Diploma Yr 1
Q8FAD3VP01Fine Art - CoBC Diploma
Q4FLO3HF11Floristry - Adv Nat Cert L3
Q0FDW1HP01Floristry Foam Design Workshop
Q0TDW1HP01Floristry Tied Design Workshop
Q0WDW1HP01Floristry Wedding Design Workshop
Q3NVC3VF13Graphic Design L3 Ext Diploma Yr1
Q3NVC3VF21Graphic Design-Nat Dip-Yr2
Q7GRD4OL11Ground Investigation
Q7HAD3HF11Hairdressing- L3 NVQ Dip - Gp1
Q7HAD3HF12Hairdressing- L3 NVQ Dip - Gp2
Q4HDR3WB11Hairdressing- NVQ 3 App Yr1
Q3HSD3EF11Health & Social Care Ext Dip L3 Yr1 Gp1
Q3HSD3EF12Health & Social Care Ext Dip L3 Yr1 Gp2
Q3HSD3CF21Health & Social Care Nat Diploma Yr2
Q3HDE3TG11Health Decontamination L3 T2G Yr1
Q4STC3CP02Heritage Skills NVQ3 Asst / IV
Q7HCS4OL11Highway Design And Construction Safety
Q7HDR4OL11Highway Drainage
Q4PHS3HP11Hospitality Supervision L3 -NVQ3
Q7HRP3CP11HR Practice - Certificate L3
Q4ILX3BE11ILEX Certificate L3 in Law and Practice
Q7CSM3BB12ILM Award in First Line Management
Q7CSM3BB15ILM Cert in Management Level 4
Q7ECT3VP01Insp Test Cert of Elec Inst CG 2391 Gp1
Q7ECT3VP02Insp Test Cert of Elec Inst CG 2391 Gp2
Q7ITP3MF01IT Nat Award L3 Gp 1
Q7ITP3MF03IT Nat Award L3 Gp 2
Q7ITP3MF11IT Nat Cert L3 Yr1 Gp1
Q3ITP3MF21IT Nat Dip BTEC Yr2 Gp1
Q3ITP3MF22IT Nat Dip BTEC Yr2 Gp2
Q3ITP3MF11IT Nat Dip L3 BTEC (Yr1 Gp1)
Q3ITP3MF12IT Nat Dip L3 BTEC (Yr1 Gp2)
Q7ITT3BF12IT Nat Dip L3 BTEC Yr 1 Gp 2
Q4MGT3TG11Management Level 3
Q4MGT3TG12Management NQV L3 T2G Yr1
Q4MGT3FC11Management NQV Level 3 Yr1
Q4MGT4FC11Management NQV Level 4 Yr1
Q4MGT5FC11Management NQV Level 5 Yr1
Q4MGT4TG11Management NVQ L4 T2G Yr1
Q3MEC3TP21Manufacturing Engineering Nat Cert Yr2
Q3MEC3EF21Manufacturing Engineering Nat Dip Yr 2
Q3MEC3TF21Manufacturing Engineering Nat Dip Yr 2
Q7IHM3HE12Massage, Indian Head -Cert L3- eve 2
Q7SWE3HE11Massage, Swedish Body-Cert L3 -eve
Q9MEC4TF21Mechanical Engineering HNC Yr2
Q9MEC4TF31Mechanical Engineering HND
Q3DCO3MF11Media - National Diploma-Yr1-Gp1
Q1MED3SP21Media Studies A2 (Mixed)
Q3DCO3MF13Media- L3 Ext. Diploma Yr 1 Grp1
Q3DCO3MF14Media- L3 Ext. Diploma Yr 1 Grp2
Q3DCO3MF21Media-National Diploma-Yr2- Gp1
Q3DCO3MF22Media-National Diploma-Yr2- Gp2
Q3POP3MF15Music Practice L3 Ext. Diploma Yr1 Grp1
Q3POP3MF16Music Practice L3 Ext. Diploma Yr1 Grp2
Q3POP3MF21Music Practice-Nat Diploma-Yr2- Gp1
Q3POP3MF22Music Practice-Nat Diploma-Yr2- Gp2
Q3POP3MF23Music Practice-Nat Diploma-Yr2- Gp3
Q3MUT3MF15Music Technology L3 Ext Diploma Yr1 Grp1
Q3MUT3MF11Music Technology-Nat Diploma-Yr1-Gp1
Q3MUT3MF21Music Technology-Nat Diploma-Yr2-Gp1
Q4STC2CP11NVQ 3 Heritage Skills
Q3WDO3TG11NVQ Level 3 Wood Occupations-Bench Joinery
Q3PAR3MF13Performing Arts L3 Ext. Diploma Yr1 Grp1
Q3PAR3MF11Performing Arts-Nat Diploma-Yr1-Gp1
Q3PAR3MF21Performing Arts-Nat Diploma-Yr2-Gp1
Q3PAR3MF22Performing Arts-Nat Diploma-Yr2-Gp2
Q7PTL3BE13Preparing to Teach L3 Wed Eve
Q7PTL4BE13Preparing to Teach L4 Wed Eve
Q7PTL3BS11Preparing to Teach LLS L3 Intensive
Q7PTL3BE12Preparing to Teach LLS L3 Mon Eve Gp2
Q7PTL4BS11Preparing to Teach LLS L4 Intensive
Q7PTL4BE11Preparing to Teach LLS L4 Mon Eve Gp1
Q7PTL4BE12Preparing to Teach LLS L4 Mon Eve Gp2
Q3PSD3BF11Public Services ND1a
Q3PSD3BF21Public Services ND2a
Q7RFX3HE11Reflexology-Dip L3 -eve
Q4REF3TG11Refrigeration Train to Gain L3
Q7ELR3TE11Reqs for Elec Inst BS7671 CG2382Cert Gp1
Q7ELR3TE12Reqs for Elec Inst BS7671 CG2382Cert Gp2
Q7RPH4OL11Responsibility for Public Highways
Q7RSD4OL11Resurfacing and Surfacing Dressing
Q7RDM4OL11Road Signs and Marking
Q3HSD3DF11Soc Health Dev Adv Dip L3
Q7SCT3HF11SPA-Massage,Remedial-Dip L3
Q3SSD3HF21Sport & Exercise Sciences ND2a
Q3SSD3HF22Sport & Exercise Sciences ND2b
Q3SPE3HF11Sport (Performance & Excellence) NC1
Q3SPE3HF21Sport Perf & Exc. Nat Cert Yr2
Q7STT3HE11Stone Therapy-Award L3-eve
Q4STODIP31Stonemasonry - Diploma L3
Q4STO3WB11Stonemasonry - L3 -Apprentices
Q3BNM3TP14Stonemasonry - NVQ3 Memorial-Ass't/IV
Q3BNM3TP16Stonemasonry - NVQ3 OSAT Banker Ass't/IV
Q3BNM3TP12Stonemasonry - NVQ3- Banker-Ass't/IV
Q0STD3CS01Stonemasonry Detailing -CAD Advanced
Q3BNM3TP15Stonemasonry NVQ3 OSAT Memorial Ass't/IV
Q3BNM3TP18Stonemasonry NVQ3- Banker-Ass't T2G
Q5CIS21316Supporting T&L In Schools BTEC L3
Q5CIS21336Supporting T&L in Schools BTEC L3 Gp 2
Q7STI4OL11Sustainable Transport Initiatives
Q7HAC4OL11The Highway Act 1980
Q7NRS4OL11The New Roads & Street Works Act
Q3NDT3HF11Travel & Tourism ND1
Q3NDT3HF21Travel & Tourism ND2
Q4AVD4PP11Verifier Award