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Dundee College

Kingsway Campus, Old Glamis Road, Dundee, Dundee, DD3 8LE

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Available Courses

DF6301AAccess To Arts And Social Sciences
DP6541AAccess To Arts And Social Sciences
DF6331AAccess To Biological and Biomedical Science
DF6181AAccess To Community Learning and Development
DF6311AAccess To Criminology
DP6201AAccess To Criminology
DF6321AAccess To Forensic Sciences
GF6031AAccess to Nurse/Midwifery Education
DF6281AAccess To Primary Education
DP6731AAccess to Primary Education
DF6091AAccess to Social Work
DP6591AAccess To Social Work
CB4013AAdvanced Carpentry and Joinery
EP4131AAdvanced Contemporary Art Practice
CP9151AC&G 2382-10 17th Edition Wiring Regs - Full Course
CP9161AC&G 2382-20 17th Edition Wiring Regs - Update Course
EP8031AC&G Creative Skills - Embroidery
EP8041AC&G Creative Skills: Machine Embroidery
EP8021AC&G Embroidery Creative Tech Level 3
EP8022AC&G Embroidery Creative Tech Level 3
EP8281AC&G Embroidery Part 2
EP8282AC&G Embroidery Part 2 Year 2
EP8261AC&G Patchwork and Quilting Part 1
EP8262AC&G Patchwork and Quilting Part 1 Year 2
EP8251AC&G Patchwork and Quilting Part 2
EP8252AC&G Patchwork and Quilting Part 2 Year 2
DP8111ACambridge Cert - English Language Teaching To Adults
DS8041ACELTA Intensive
CF6041ACert In Civil Engineering & Built Environment
DE6101ACommunication 4
LL8401AECDL Office Applications
CF8071AEngineering Progression Award
DF8021AEnglish For Speakers Of Other Languages - EU
DF8022AEnglish For Speakers Of Other Languages - EU Year 2
LL8391AEqual Skills
LL8031AEuropean Computer Driving Licence - ECDL
CF6271AFabrication and Welding: Stages 3/4
AF6171AFast Track Accounting and Business
EE6021AFigure and Life Drawing
AF6161AFirst Steps to Accounting and Business
AF6181AFirst Steps to Administration and Law
CF6351AGeneral Building Operative
GF6261AHealth and Social Care Academy
BP6131AHigher Business Management
DE6351AHigher English
DE6191AHigher Human Biology
DP6801AHigher/Int 2 Managing Environmental Resources
AF4051AHNC / HND Accounting
AF4052AHNC / HND Accounting Year 2
BF4071AHNC / HND Legal Services
BF4072AHNC / HND Legal Services Year 2
BF4081AHNC / HND Retail Management
BF4082AHNC / HND Retail Management Year 2
DF4011AHNC / HND Social Sciences
BF4222AHNC / HND Tourism
AE4052AHNC Accounting Year 2
AE4151AHNC Admin And Information Technology
AE4152AHNC Admin And Information Technology Year 2
AP4151AHNC Administration And IT
AP4152AHNC Administration And IT Year 2
DF4071AHNC Applied Sciences
CP4111AHNC Architectural Technology
CP4112AHNC Architectural Technology Year 2
CE4141AHNC Building Surveying
CE4142AHNC Building Surveying Year 2
BF4211AHNC Business
BP4011AHNC Business
BP4012AHNC BusinessYear 2
CP4091AHNC Civil Engineering
CP4092AHNC Civil Engineering Year 2
CP4151AHNC Computer Aided Design
CP4152AHNC Computer Aided Design Year 2
EF4421AHNC Computer Games Development
AF4101AHNC Computer Networking
AF4211AHNC Computing
CF4041AHNC Construction
CP4141AHNC Construction
CE4061AHNC Construction Management
CE4062AHNC Construction Management Year 2
CP4142AHNC Construction Year 2
EP4071AHNC Contemporary Art Practice
EP4072AHNC Contemporary Art Practice Year 2
GF4051AHNC Diagnostic Imaging
GF4011AHNC Early Education and Childcare
CP4171AHNC Engineering Systems
CP4172AHNC Engineering Systems Year 2
FF4161AHNC Fashion Make Up
FF4141AHNC Hairdressing
GF4021AHNC Health Care
FF4131AHNC Hospitality
BF4251AHNC Human Resource Management
BE4141AHNC in Human Resource Management
AE4251AHNC Information Technology
EF4431AHNC Media Analysis and Production
EF4151AHNC Music
CF4191AHNC Petroleum Engineering
EF4331AHNC Photography
BF4241AHNC Police Studies
CP4101AHNC Quantity Surveying
CP4102AHNC Quantity Surveying Year 2
GF4031AHNC Social Care
BF4151AHNC Travel
EF4041AHNC/D Acting & Performance
EF4042AHNC/D Acting & Performance
AF4151AHNC/D Admin and Information Technology
AF4152AHNC/D Admin and Information Technology Year 2
BF4011AHNC/D Business
BF4012AHNC/D Business Year 2
EF4121AHNC/D Contemporary Dance Performance
EF4122AHNC/D Contemporary Dance Performance Year 2
FF4011AHNC/D Sports Coaching - Development of Sport
FF4012AHNC/D Sports Coaching - Development of Sport Year 2
DP4011AHNC/HND Social Sciences Infill
DP4012AHNC/HND Social Sciences Infill Year 2
EF4291AHND 3D Computer Animation
EF4292AHND 3D Computer Animation Year 2
EF4381AHND 3D Design
EF4382AHND 3D Design Year 2
BF4181AHND Advertising & Public Relations
BF4182AHND Advertising & Public Relations Year 2
CF4071AHND Architectural Technology
CP4181AHND Architectural Technology
CF4072AHND Architectural Technology Year 2
CP4182AHND Architectural Technology Year 2
FF4051AHND Beauty Therapy
FF4052AHND Beauty Therapy Year 2
DF4081AHND Biomedical Sciences
DF4082AHND Biomedical Sciences Year 2
CF4141AHND Building Surveying
CF4142AHND Building Surveying Year 2
CF4091AHND Civil Engineering
CP4161AHND Civil Engineering
CF4092AHND Civil Engineering Year 2
CP4162AHND Civil Engineering Year 2
AF4241AHND Computer Networking and IT
AF4242AHND Computer Networking and IT Year 2
AF4071AHND Computing : Technical Support
AF4072AHND Computing : Technical Support Year 2
AF4021AHND Computing Software Development
AF4022AHND Computing Software Development Year 2
EF4361AHND Contemporary Art Practice
EF4362AHND Contemporary Art Practice Year 2
CF4171AHND Engineering Systems
CF4172AHND Engineering Systems Year 2
FF4081AHND Hospitality Management
FF4082AHND Hospitality Management Year 2
BF4191AHND International Business & Trade
BF4192AHND International Business & Trade Year 2
BF4091AHND Marketing
BF4092AHND Marketing Year 2
CF4181AHND Quantity Surveying
CP4081AHND Quantity Surveying
CF4182AHND Quantity Surveying Year 2
CP4082AHND Quantity Surveying Year 2
EF4371AHND Textiles
EF4372AHND Textiles Year 2
BF4332AHND Travel and Tourism
EF4341AHND Visual Communication
EF4342AHND Visual Communication Year 2
DP6331AIntermediate 1 Italian
DP6381AIntermediate 2 / Higher Spanish
DP6421AIntermediate 2/Higher French
FE6011AIntroduction to Beauty
GF6251AIntroduction To Care
DP4051AIntroduction to Tutoring ESOL
AP6231AMedical Reception And Records
AP6221AMedical Terminology
LL4221AMOS - Microsoft Office Specialist (Expert) - Excel
LL4231AMOS - Microsoft Office Specialist (Expert) - Word
EF6371ANC Art and Design
BF6111ANC Business (Level 4)
GF6081ANC Early Education and Childcare
CP6211ANC Engineering Systems
CP6212ANC Engineering Systems Year 2
GF6271ANC Health & Social Care
FF7041ANC Hospitality
EF6381ANC Media
EF6391ANC Music
BF6221ANC Travel And Tourism
BF6031ANQ Access To Business Management SWAP
AF6041ANQ Accounting
EF6221ANQ Animation
FE6051ANQ Beauty Therapy
GF6301ANQ Botanic Gardening
EF6321ANQ Computer Art & Design
EF6351ANQ Computer Games Development
EF6041ANQ Contemporary Dance Performance
CF6311ANQ Engineering
BF6171ANQ Fashion Retailing
FF6032ANQ Hairdressing
FF6152ANQ Hairdressing And Beauty Therapy
FF6071ANQ Introduction To Sports Studies
BF6041ANQ Law And Public Administration
EF6091ANQ Photography
FF6011ANQ Physical Education And Sports Studies
FF6041ANQ Prep For Entry To Uniformed Services
DF6261ANQ Science
DF6351ANQ Social Science
EF6151ANQ Textiles And Interiors
EF6121ANQ Theatre Arts
EF6341ANQ Video and Audio Production
EF6141ANQ Visual Communication
CP6151APDA Certificate in Civil and Structural Engineering
AE4351APDA Certificate in Desktop Support
AE4341APDA Certificate in Systems Administration
EE4061APDA in Advanced Graphic Design
GF6311APDA in Education Support Assistance
EF6131APortfolio Preparation Programme
CF6331APre Apprenticeship Fabrication and Welding
GF6051APrep For Nurse/Midwifery Education
BL5041AProfessional Certificate In Marketing
BL5021AProfessional Diploma In Marketing
FP8061AREHIS Elementary Certificate in Food Hygiene
FP8731AREHIS Elementary Health And Safety
AE4331ASage Payroll
DF6241ASQA Highers and Intermediates Programme
DF6242ASQA Highers and Intermediates Programme Year 2
DF6243ASQA Highers and Intermediates Programme Year 3
GP7271ASVQ L3 Health and Social Care Children and Young People
GP7291ASVQ L4 Health and Social Care Children and Young People
GP7381ASVQ Level 3 Allied Health Professions
GP7351ASVQ Level 3 Children's Care Learning and Development
GP7391ASVQ Level 3 Health (Renal Support)
GP7261ASVQ Level 3 Health and Social Care Adults
FF6191ASVQ Level 3 Professional Cookery
GP7361ASVQ Level 4 Childrens Care Learning and Development
GP7281ASVQ Level 4 Health and Social Care Adults
AF6081ASWAP Information Technology