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East Riding Training Solutions Ltd

Unit 5, Rugby Business Park, Rugby Street, Witty Street, Hull, East Yorkshire, HU3 4RB

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Available Courses

n/aBPEC & City & Guilds Approved Solar PV installation course for new entrants
n/aBPEC & City & Guilds approved Solar PV installation course for part qualified electricians
n/aBPEC Category 2/3 New Entrants to the Gas Industry Managed Learning Programme Course
CODC1BPEC Changeover from Domestic Gas to Commercial Catering Core
CODNCO1BPEC Changeover from Domestic Gas to Commercial Gas Core Initial & Re-assessment
CONGLP1BBPEC Changeover from natural gas to LPG - Boats
CONGLP1LAVBPEC Changeover from natural gas to LPG - Leisure Accommodation Vehicles
CONGLP1RPHBPEC Changeover from natural gas to LPG - Residential Park Homes
CONGLP1PDBPEC Changeover from natural gas to LPG Permanent Dwellings
COMCAT1BPEC Commercial Catering Boiling Burners Open/Solid Top Ranges
n/aBPEC Commercial Catering Changeover from Domestic Initial & Re-assessment package
COMCAT3BPEC Commercial Catering Deep Fat and Pressure Fryers
COMCAT4BPEC Commercial Catering Fish & Chip Ranges
COMCAT2BPEC Commercial Catering Pressure Type Water Boilers
n/aBPEC Commercial Gas Changeover from Domestic Gas Package Initial & Re-assessment
ICPN1BPEC Commercial Gas First Fix Pipework
CIGA1BPEC Commercial Gas Indirect Fired Heating
CORT1BPEC Commercial Gas Overhead Radiant Tubes
TPCP1ABPEC Commercial Gas Testing & Purging up to 1m3
BPEC Disinfection of Water Systems
CCN1BPEC Domestic ACS Gas Safety Core Initial
CCN1BPEC Domestic ACS Gas Safety Core Re-assessment
CPA1BPEC Domestic Gas - Combustion Performance
n/aBPEC Domestic Gas ACS Core & Appliances Package Re-assessment
CENWATBPEC Domestic Gas Appliance - Central Heating Boilers & Water Heaters Initial & Re-assessment
CKR1BPEC Domestic Gas Appliance - Cookers Initial & Reassessment
HTR1BPEC Domestic Gas Appliance - Fires Initial & Reassessment
LAU1BPEC Domestic Gas Appliance - Laundry Initial & Re-assessment
MET2BPEC Domestic Gas Appliance - Meters Intial & Re-assessment
DAH1BPEC Domestic Gas Appliance - Warm Air Heaters Initial & Re-assessment
BPEC Domestic Unvented Hot Water
EFJLP1BPEC Electrofusion Jointing of MDPE Pipework LPG
CCLP1EPBPEC External Pipework - LPG
BPEC Part L Energy Efficiency
n/aBPEC Part P Defined Scope
n/aBPEC Part P Full Scope
REFLP2BPEC Refridgeration for Caravans and Boats
G59BPEC Solar PV above 17kwp Commercial Installation for experienced Solar installers
BPEC Solar PV Installation Course for Experienced Fully Qualified Electricians
BPEC Water Regulations 1999
BPEC Water Risk Assessment
2382-12City & Guilds 17th Edition
2377-22City & Guilds PAT Testing