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Eastwood Park Limited

Training and Conference Centre, Falfield, Gloucestershire, GL12 8DA

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Available Courses

17ED17th edition wiring regulations
ELAMAdvanced lift maintenance & servicing (HTM08-02) LOLER & SAFed
AEFAuthorised engineers foundation programme to HTM 00
DAPDAuthorised Person (decontamination) - roles and responsibilities | NEW
HV06Authorised person - HV HTM 06-03
LVAPAuthorised person - LV (HTM 06-02)
LVAPRAuthorised person - LV HTM 06-02 - refresher
ENDOAutomated endoscope reprocessors - operators
DDIBasic infection control & decontamination of dental instruments (HTM 01-05)
EMBCBiomedical equipment maintenance practice
EGBCCapital projects management
DCDPCertificate in decontamination practice (level) to HTM guidelines | NEW
FGASCITB safe handling of refrigerants / f-gas certification
FGASRCITB safe handling of refrigerants / f-gas refresher
ENCWSCombined course - authorised | responsible | nominated roles (HTM 04 & ACoP L8)
PHCP06Competent person - LV (HTM 06-02)
EGCLContract law
ENCTCooling towers (HTM 04 & ACoP L8)
DLRDecontamination lead role & responsibilities
EHDMDeputy fire safety managers (HTM 05)
ENDWDisinfection of water systems (HTM 04 and ACoP L8)
EICRElectrical installation condition reports within healthcare buildings
EPRISKFire risk assessment for healthcare premises
EHFMFire safety managers (HTM 05)
EPMANFirecode for healthcare premises
WTM 3Flexible endoscope washer disinfectors - annual testing to HTM guidance
WTM 2Flexible endoscope washer disinfectors - quarterly testing to HTM guidance
WTM 4Flexible endoscopes decontamination management to HTM guidance
DFDFoundation degree (decontamination)
BFDFoundation degree (medical equipment)
MFDFoundation degree (medical gas)
BPWHuman waste disinfectors - testing to HTM guidance
PHITIInspection and testing of electrical installations
IDOIntroduction to decontamination operations
SSSCIntroduction to steam and condensate systems
EMPMSIOSH managing safely
EMPWSIOSH working safely
STM 3Large porous load sterilizers - annual testing & revalidation to HTM guidance
STO 2Large porous load sterilizers - operators
STM 2Large porous load sterilizers - quarterly testing to HTM guidance
ENAPLegionnaires disease - authorised | responsible | nominated roles (HTM 04 & ACoP L8)
ELLMLift machinery safety & servicing (HTM08-02) LOLER & SAFed
ELCELift management LOLER & SAFed
ELAPLift management - authorised persons (HTM08-02) LOLER & SAFed
ENWSManaging legionella in building water systems (HTM 04 & ACoP L8)
PHEVMEMechanical to electrical conversion (multi-skill foundation)
PHMEIGMedical electrical installation guidance (MEIGaN)
MGHMMedical gas hose making
EMGMMedical gas pipeline systems - authorised persons (HTM 02) Eng Tech
EMGSMedical gas pipeline systems - authorised persons intensive course (HTM 02) Eng Tech
EMGRMedical gas pipeline systems - authorised persons refresher course (HTM 02) Eng Tech
EMGCMedical gas pipeline systems - competent persons (HTM 02)
EMGZMedical gas pipeline systems - competent persons refresher (HTM 02)
EMGPMedical gas pipeline systems - quality controllers (HTM 02)
MGDAMedical gases in dental treatment - authorised persons (HTM 02)
MGDCMedical gases in dental treatment - competent persons (HTM 02)
EGMCMinor capital works management
EMPNEBNEBOSH national general certificate in occupational safety & health
PHPATPortable appliance testing
EGCCProcurement choice of contracts
ELTPRelease of trapped passengers (HTM08-02) BS7255 LOLER & SAFed
ENRARisk assessment - log book awareness (HTM 04 & ACoP L8)
SHGCSafe handling of gas cylinders (HTM 02)
EMMESafety testing of electrical medical equipment
SAEServicing anaesthetic equipment
SCEServicing cardiovascular equipment
SDOUServicing dental operating units
SVEServicing ventilation equipment
DTMSSD supervisors / managers course to HTM guidance
SSPCSteam boilers plant controls and systems
SSSMSteam plant maintenance
ESTETool kit for estates and facilities management
AL3Training assessment quality assurance level 3 - assessor award | NEW
VL4Training assessment quality assurance level 4 - verifier award | NEW
STM 1Transportable steam sterilizers - annual testing to HTM guidance
DTSMTransportable steam sterilizers - maintenance | NEW
STO 1Transportable steam sterilizers - operators
STM 4Transportable vacuum steam sterilizers - quarterly testing to HTM guidance
ENVAPVentilation & air conditioning for the authorised person (HTM 03)
ENVCPVentilation & air conditioning for the competent person (HTM 03)
WTM 1Washer disinfectors - periodic testing to HTM guidance
WDOWasher disinfectors for medical devices - operators
WQACWater quality - awareness (HTM 04 & ACoP L8)
WRBSWater regulations for building water systems (HTM 04 & ACoP L8)
WSRCWater systems - refresher (HTM 04 & ACoP L8)