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Fibreplus Ltd

Unit 1-4, Brook Lane, Westbury, Wiltshire, BA13 4ES

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Available Courses

VOIP03Advanced Training on VOIP and 3CX Installation and Set Up
C&G3667-02 FT12&3Award in Communications Cabling - Double award Internal External fibre Cabling
C&G3667-02 FT1&4Award in Communications Cabling - Internal Copper Cabling
C&G3667-02 FT1&2Award in Communications Cabling - Internal fibre Cabling
C&G3667-02 FT1&3Award in Communications Cabling -External fibre Cabling
C&G3667-02Award in Communications Cabling Triple Award- Internal & External Fibre & Copper
C&G7540-12Award in ICT Systems and Principles for Apprentices
VOIP02Basic Introduction to VOIP and 3CX
BFD03Blown Fibre and Cable System Design
BFI02Blown Fibre and Cable System Installation
ATM03BTEC Level 3 Advanced Award - Fibre Optic Advanced Test & Measurement (to include FTTx PMD & CD)
2377/350/SC&G 2377-11 Management of Inservice Testing + Seaward PT350 Solutions Kit
2377/350-1C&G 2377-12 Inservice Inspection & Testing + Seaward PT350
366703/124C&G Level 3 Design & Planning - Concepts of Planning,Internal & External Overhead
2377/350CC&G2377 Combined Management & In-Service Testing of Electrical Equipment +Seaward PT350 Solution Kit
2377/350/2C&G2377-11 &12 Combined Management and Inspection of Inservice Testing + Seaward PT350
2377/350C&G2377-11 Management of In service Electrical Testing + Seaward PT350
2377/350/TC&G2377-12 Inservice Inspection & Testing + Seaward PT350 Solution Kit
C&G3667-03 1&3Certificate-Designing&Planning Communications Networks-External Overhead Cable
C&G3667-03 123&4Certificate-Designing&Planning Communications Networks-External Overhead Underground&Internal Cable
C&G3667-03 1&4Certificate-Designing&Planning Communications Networks-External Underground Cable
C&G3667-03 1&2Certificate-Designing&Planning Communications Networks-Internal Cable Infrastructures
C&G2377-11City & Guilds 2377-11 - Level 3 Management of Electrical Equipment Maintenance + Seaward PT250
C&G2377-12City & Guilds 2377-12 - Level 3 Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment+Seaward PT250
2377 ComCombined Inspection & Management of Electrical Testing+ Seaward PT250
C&G3667-02 FT2&3Communications Cabling - Unit Credits Internal External fibre Cabling
CNT02Connectorisation i.e. Cold Cure Hot Melt Crimp Spliced & Pre Polished
C&G7540 358Design & Plan for an External Overhead Cabling Infrastructure
C&G7540 359Design & Plan for an External Underground Cabling Infrastructure
C&G7540 357Design & Plan for an Internal Network Cabling Infrastructure
SMMM02Fibre Optic Single & Multi Mode Internal/External (Non City & Guilds)
FOS02Fibre Optic Splicing Course
TAM03Fibre Optic Test & Measurement OTDR & ILM Testing
FTTx03FTTx Design, Installation & Testing
HS1Health & Safety
HTS03High Tensile Splicing i.e. submarine fibres & OPTO Electronics
IHI02Intelligent Home Installation & Testing (to include fibre optic copper & wireless)
C&G7540 225&226Internal & External Fibre Optic Cabling
C&G7540 227Internal Copper Cabling
FT02Introduction to Fibre Testing
JCSD03Job Costing & System Design of Fibre Copper and Wireless Systems
LSC04Laser Safety Course-Laser Safety Officer (BS EN 60825)
LSC03Laser Safety Course-Laser Safety User (BS EN 60825)
PMS03PM Fibre Splicing
RAMS1Risk Assessment & Method Statement
COSHH1Understanding COSHH
PBX02Understanding PBX Installer Digital / Analogue