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Available Courses

Dom/Gas1 x Appliance Initial (CEN1/CKR1/DAH1/HTR1/MET2 or WAT1)
2391-1017th Edition Full Training (3 Days)
2391-2017th Edition Update (1 Day)
Dom/Gas1x Appliance ReAssessment (CEN1/CKR1/DAH1/HTR1/MET2 or WAT1)
Dom/GasAppliance Refresher Training
Dom/GasCCN1 ReAssessment (No Training)
Dom/GasCCN1 Refresher Training
Dom/GasCCN1+4 ReAssessment (CCN1 + 4 Appliances)
Dom/GasCCN1+5 ReAssessment (CCN1 + 5 Appliances)
Dom/GasCCN1+6 ReAssessment (CCN1 + 6 Appliances)
CombiCombi & High Efficiency Boiler Fault Finding Course
CoNGLP1CoNGLP1 Boats ReAssessment Course - No Training
CoNGLP1CoNGLP1 Boats Training & Assessment Course
CoNGLP1CoNGLP1 LAV ReAssessment Course - No Training
CoNGLP1CoNGLP1 LAV Training & Assessment Course
CoNGLP1CoNGLP1 PD/RPH ReAssessment Course - No Training
CoNGLP1CoNGLP1 PD/RPH Training & Assessment Course
CoNGLP1CoNGLP1 PD/RPH/LAV ReAssessment Course - No Training
CoNGLP1CoNGLP1 PD/RPH/LAV Training & Assessment Course
CPA1CPA1 Initial Training & Assessment
Part P DefDefined Scope Part P Electrical (Scopes B & C)
2391-20Design of Installations (4 Days)
Part LEnergy Efficiency
Part PFull Scope Part P Electrical (Scopes A B & C)
CAT3Gas Foundation Cat3 Applicant (Inc CCN1/CEN1/CPA1/PartL)
CAT2Initial Gas Cat2 Applicant (Inc CCN1+4/CPA1/Part L)
2391-10Inspection & Testing (4 Days)
OFTECOFT101 Commissioning & Servicing ASSESSMENT
OFTECOFT101 Commissioning & Servicing TRAINING
OFTECOFT101/105E/600A Combined Training & Assessment
OFTECOFT105E Commissioning & Servicing ASSESSMENT
OFTECOFT105E Commissioning & Servicing TRAINING
OFTEC50OFT50 Course (Inc.101/105E/600A) Training & Assessment
OFTECOFT600A Commissioning & Servicing ASSESSMENT
OFTECOFT600A Commissioning & Servicing TRAINING
SolarSolar Hot Water Installers Course