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Heriot-Watt University

Heriot-Watt University, Riccarton, Ayrshire, EH14 4AS

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Available Courses

N200BA Business Management
NN21BA Business Management with Industrial Experience
W230BA Fashion
W640BA Fashion Communication
WN25BA Fashion Marketing & Retailing
W234BA Fashion Menswear
W233BA Fashion Womanswear
NN25BA International Fashion Retailing
WN2MBA International Fashion Retailing & Dip in Industrial Training
K131BEng Architectural Engineering
H330BEng Automotive Engineering
H800BEng Chemical Engineering
H200BEng Civil Engineering
H600BEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering (4 years)
H650BEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Computer and Internet Engineering)
H680BEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Microwave and Photonics)
H640BEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Mobile & Digital Communications)
H630BEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Power & High Voltage Engineering)
H670BEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Real Time Control and Robotics)
H631BEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Sustainable Energy Systems)
H100BEng Engineering
HH3VBEng Mechanical and Energy Engineering
H300BEng Mechanical Engineering
HG64BEng Robotics
GH76BEng Robotics and Cybertronics
H210BEng Structural Engineering
H2K1BEng Structural Engineering with Architectural Design
GH46BEngComputing and Electronics
GG13BSc Actuarial Science
C160BSc Applied Marine Biology
K130BSc Architectural Engineering
CC17BSc Biological Sciences (Cell and Molecular Biology)
CD96BSc Biological Sciences (Food Science)
CB99BSc Biological Sciences (Human Health)
C500BSc Biological Sciences (Microbiology)
C980BSc Brewing and Distilling
K230BSc Building Surveying
F320BSc Chemical Physics
F100BSc Chemistry
F107BSc Chemistry with a Year in Australia
F1C7BSc Chemistry with Biochemistry
F190BSc Chemistry with Computational Chemistry
F1G4BSc Chemistry with Computer Science
F1N2BSc Chemistry with Management
BScBSc Chemistry with Materials
F125BSc Chemistry with Pharmaceutical Chemistry
CFG0BSc Combined Studies
F343BSc Computational Physics
G400BSc Computer Science
G700BSc Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence)
G440BSc Computer Science (Games Programming)
G600BSc Computer Science (Software Engineering)
K221BSc Construction Project Management
F390BSc Energy Science and Technology
F314BSc Engineering Physics
JW42BSc Fashion Technology
JW4FBSc Fashion Technology & Diploma in Industrial Training
GGC3BSc Financial Mathematics
C1H8BSc Food Science Technology and Management
G560BSc Information Systems
G590BSc Information Systems (Interaction Design)
G501BSc Information Systems (Internet Systems)
GN52BSc Information Systems (Management)
GGD3BSc Mathematical
F344BSc Mathematical Physics
G100BSc Mathematics
GG14BSc Mathematics and Computer Science
G1G4BSc Mathematics with Computer Science
G1N3BSc Mathematics with Finance
G1R1BSc Mathematics with French
G1R2BSc Mathematics with German
G1F3BSc Mathematics with Physics
G1C8BSc Mathematics with Psychology
G1R4BSc Mathematics with Spanish
G1G3BSc Mathematics with Statistics
CF10BSc Nano Science
F368BSc Photonics and Lasers
F300BSc Physics
F3H6BSc Physics with Electronic Engineering
F3F9BSc Physics with Environmental Science
K490BSc Planning and Property Development
C800BSc Psychology
C810BSc Psychology (Applied)
CF84BSc Psychology (Forensic Science)
C8B9BSc Psychology with Human Health
C8N2BSc Psychology with Management
K241BSc Quantity Surveying
K290BSc Real Estate Management
C600BSc Sport and Exercise Science
C6C8BSc Sport and Exercise Science with Psychology
G300BSc Statistical Modelling
K440BSc Urban and Regional Planning
NM32MA Accountancy and Business Law
NN34MA Accountancy and Finance
RRC2MA Applied Languages and Translating French/German
RRC4MA Applied Languages and Translating French/Spanish
RRF4MA Applied Languages and Translating German/Spanish
NN23MA Business and Finance
N202MA Business Management
N2M2MA Business Management with Business Law
N2N1MA Business Management with Enterprise
N2N6MA Business Management with Human Resource Management
N2N5MA Business Management with Marketing
L100MA Economics
LN14MA Economics and Accountancy
LM12MA Economics and Business Law
LN12MA Economics and Business Management
LN13MA Economics and Finance
LN15MA Economics and Marketing
NMH2MA Finance and Business Law
R100MA French and Applied Language Studies
R200MA German and Applied Language Studies
N201MA International Business Management
NR21MA International Business Management and Langauges: French as main language
NR22MA International Business Management and Langauges: German as main language
NR24MA International Business Management and Langauges: Spanish as main language
RR12MA Languages Interpreting and Translating French/German
RR14MA Languages Interpreting and Translating French/Spanish
RR24MA Languages Interpreting and Translating German/Spanish
R300MA Spanish and Applied Language Studies
F101MChem Chemistry
F1R9MChem Chemistry with a European Language
F106MChem Chemistry with a Year in Australia
F103MChem Chemistry with a Year in Europe
F105MChem Chemistry with a Year in North America
F1CRMChem Chemistry with Biochemistry
F1GLMChem Chemistry with Computational Chemistry
F1GKMChem Chemistry with Computer Science
F1F4MChem Chemistry with Forensic Science
F102MChem Chemistry with Industrial Experience
F1NFMChem Chemistry with Management
F115MChem Chemistry with Materials
F1F9MChem Chemistry with Nanotechnology
F151MChem Chemistry with Pharmaceutical Chemistry
K132MEng Architectural Engineering
H802MEng Chemical Eng with Diploma in Industrial Training
H803MEng Chemical Eng with Diploma in Industrial Training
H8H2MEng Chemical Eng with Energy Engineering
H8HFMEng Chemical Eng with Energy Engineering w DIT
H890MEng Chemical Eng with Oil & Gas Technology
H891MEng Chemical Eng with Oil & Gas Technology w DIT
H8FCMEng Chemical Eng with Pharmaceutical Chemistry
H8F1MEng Chemical Eng with Pharmaceutical Chemistry w DIT
H801MEng Chemical Engineering
H201MEng Civil Engineering
H2L2MEng Civil Engineering with International Studies
GHK6MEng Computing and Electronics
H605MEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering
HH38MEng Mechanical and Energy Engineering
H301MEng Mechanical Engineering
HG6KMEng Robotics
HG67MEng Robotics and Cybertronics
G601MEng Software Engineering
H241MEng Structural Engineering
H2KCMEng Structural Engineering with Architectural Design
H211MEng Structural Engineering with International Studies
G101MMath Mathematics
F322MPhys Chemical Physics
F351MPhys Computational Physics
F391MPhys Energy Science and Technology
F311MPhys Engineering Physics
F340MPhys Mathematical Physics
FC01MPhys Nano Science
F369MPhys Photonics and Lasers
F302MPhys Physics
F3HPMPhys Physics with Electronic Engineering