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JB Management Ltd

12 Wellington Square, Ayr, Ayrshire, KA7 1EN

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Available Courses

GA41 23Business Administration Level 3
GC4V 25Construction Senior Management Level 5
G8XV 24Construction Site Management Level 4 (B&C)
G8X3 23Construction Site Supervision Level 3 (B&C)
G8X4 23Construction Site Supervision Level 3 (H/Ways Maintenance)
G7P5 23IT Professionals Level 3
G8WC 23Logistics Operations Management Level 3
Q306Management Level 3
Q409Management Level 4
Q506Management Level 5
3644-50Management of Health and Safety Practice
3654-03Occupational Health and Safety Level 3
3654-05Occupational Health and Safety Level 5 Diploma
G9FV 23Occupational Work Supervision (Construction) Level 3
G882 23Supply Chain Management Level 3
G883 24Supply Chain Management Level 4
G885 25Supply Chain Management Level 5