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London Metropolitan University

Ladbroke House, 62-66 Highbury Grove, Islington, London, N5 2AD


02071 334707

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Available Courses

DMD4NBA Digital Media
CNP4NBSc Community Nursing (Practice Nursing)
CSM4CBSc Community Sector Management
CRM4CBSc Criminology
HLT2NSPL2NBSc Health Studies & Social Policy
MDS4NBSc Media Studies
NPT4NBSc Nurse Practitioner
PHP4NBSc Public Health
SOC4NBSc Sociology
YOS4NBSc Youth Studies
INCMEM-CFdA Individual and Community Empowerment
PUHSOC-NFdA Public Health and Social Care
SUSCOM-CFdA Sustainable Communities
DIGMED-NMA Digital Media
CITREG-NMSc City Regeneration
COMNPN-NMSc Community Nursing (Practice Nursing)
CRMSFS-CMSc Crime Safety and Security
CRMLGY-CMSc Criminology
HEASCM-NMSc Health and Social Care Management
HEASCP-NMSc Health and Social Policy
HOUINC-NMSc Housing and Inclusion
INFKMG-NMSc Information & Knowledge Management
INFMAN-NMSc Information Management
INTJOU-NMSc International Journalism
LABTUS-NMSc Labour & Trade Union Studies
LIFEHR-NMSc Life History Research
MASSCM-NMSc Mass Communications
MEDSTU-NMSc Media Studies
MEHEWB-NMSc Mental Health and Wellbeing
ORGCDV-NMSc Organisation and Community Development
PSPHIP-NMSc Pharmacist Independent Prescribing
POSECS-NMSc Prof Doc in Policing, Security and Community Safety
PUBHEA-NMSc Public Health
SEINMA-CMSc Security Intelligence Management
SOCREM-NMSc Social Research
SORSEM-NMSc Social Research and Evaluation
SCPHNU-NMSc Specialist Community Public Health Nursing
PSSPAH-NMSc Supplementary Prescribing
WOMCDA-NMSc Woman and Child Abuse
YOW4NMSc Youth Work
VIOLAW-NPGC Violence Against Women
PARREC-NPGC Participatory Research