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Newcastle University

Science and Engineering Faculty Office, Agriculture Building, Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear, NE1 7RU

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Available Courses

Y001BA Combined Honours
VV41BA History & Archaeology
N400BA Hons Accounting and Finance
NN49BA Hons Accounting Studies
V110BA Hons Ancient History
VV14BA Hons Ancient History & Archaeology
V400BA Hons Archaeology
K100BA Hons Architectural Studies
NN14BA Hons Bus Acctg & Finance (placemt)
N200BA Hons Business Management
T190BA Hons Chinese & Cultural Studies
TT41BA Hons Chinese/Japanese & Cultural Stud
Q810BA Hons Classical Studies
QQ83BA Hons Classical Studies and English
Q800BA Hons Classics
L100BA Hons Economics
LN12BA Hons Economics & Bus Mgt
Q302BA Hons English Language
Q300BA Hons English Language and Lit
Q306BA Hons English Literature
L161BA Hons Financial & Business Econ
E100BA Hons Fine Art
W150BA Hons Fine Art
R120BA Hons French
LR21BA Hons French & Politics
RN11BA Hons French and Business Studies
L701BA Hons Geography
LK74BA Hons Geography and Planning
R220BA Hons German
LR22BA Hons German & Politics
RN21BA Hons German and Business Studies
L241BA Hons Gov & Europ Studies
V100BA Hons History
N120BA Hons International Business Mgt
T290BA Hons Japanese & Cultural Studies
M1R1BA Hons Law with French
Q100BA Hons Linguistics
Q1T4BA Hons Linguistics with Chinese/Japanes
Q1R1BA Hons Linguistics with French
Q1R4BA Hons Linguistics with Spanish
NN52BA Hons Marketing & Management
R9N2BA Hons Mod Lang with Management Studies
QT19BA Hons Modern Lang & Linguis
T900BA Hons Modern Languages
W300BA Hons Music
V000BA Hons Phil Studies:Knowledge & Hum Int
L200BA Hons Politics
LL21BA Hons Politics & Economics
VL12BA Hons Politics & History
LL32BA Hons Politics and Sociology
L300BA Hons Sociology
LR24BA Hons Spanish & Politics
RN41BA Hons Spanish and Business Studies
RT47BA Hons Spanish, Port & Latin Am Stud
K400BA Hons Town Planning
Q1R2BA HonsLinguistics with German
PQL0BA Media, Communic'n & Cultural Studies
5102UBachelor of Architecture
A206Bachelor of Dental Surgery
M101Bachelor of Laws
F150BEng Drug Development (FT)
H101BEng Engineering with Fdn year
H210BEng Hon Civil & Struc Eng
H810BEng Hons Chemical Engineering
H814BEng Hons Chemical Engineering (FndYr)
H201BEng Hons Civil Eng (FndY)
H200BEng Hons Civil Engineering
H607BEng Hons Elec & Electronic Eng
H604BEng Hons Elec & Electronic Eng (FndY)
H640BEng Hons Electronic Comms
H610BEng Hons Electronic Eng
H652BEng Hons Electronics & Computer eng
HJ85BEng Hons Materials & Process Engineerng
H300BEng Hons Mechanical Eng
H304BEng Hons Mechanical Eng (FndY)
H504BEng Mar Tech Hons Mar Eng
J615BEng Mar Tech Hons Mar Eng (FndY)
H502BEng Mar Tech Hons Nav Arch
H355BEng Mar Tech Hons Off Eng
H520BEng Mar Tech Hons Small Craft Tec
1205UBEng Marine Tech with Marine Eng (FT)
1207UBEng Marine Tech with Naval Archit (FT)
1206UBEng Marine Tech with Offshore Eng (FT)
H505BEng Nav Arch with Mar Eng
H5H3BEng Nav Arch with Offsh Eng
W340BMus Folk & Traditional Music
W304BMus Hons Music
W301BMus Hons Popular & Contemporary Music
D422BSc Agric with Hons Animal Prod Science
D402BSc Agric with Hons Farm Bus Mgmt
D453BSc Agric with Hons Rural Res Mgmt
D444BSc Agriculture with Hons Agronomy
D300BSc Animal Sci Hons Companion Animal Std
D320BSc Animal Sci Hons Livestock Technology
B9N2BSc Biomedical Sciences with Management
J701BSc Biotech w Ind Pl Yr
F101BSc Chemistry (FndY)
GN13BSc Financial Maths
F151BSc H Chemistry w Medicinal Chemistry
N280BSc Hons Agri-Bus Mgt
D400BSc Hons Agriculture (Deferred)
C305BSc Hons Animal Science
C111BSc Hons Applied Biol (with Placemnt Yr)
C110BSc Hons Applied Biology
C700BSc Hons Biochemistry
C7C5BSc Hons Biochemistry with Immunology
C101BSc Hons Biological Sciences
C100BSc Hons Biology
B940BSc Hons Biomedical Sciences
J700BSc Hons Biotechnology
F100BSc Hons Chemistry
F102BSc Hons Chemistry (Industrial Training)
F1N2BSc Hons Chemistry with Management
G420BSc Hons Comp Sci (Netwk Sys & Int Tech)
G451BSc Hons Comp Sci w Ind P (Games & V E)
G603BSc Hons Comp Sci w Ind P (S/ware Eng)
G421BSc Hons Comp Sci w P(Net Sys & Int Tec)
G400BSc Hons Computing Science
G450BSc Hons Computing Science (Games & V E)
G600BSc Hons Computing Science (S/ware Eng)
G401BSc Hons Computing Science with Ind Pl
D455BSc Hons Countryside Management
F850BSc Hons Environmental Science
G1NFBSc Hons Financial Maths with Management
B4D6BSc Hons Food & Human Nutrition
C400BSc Hons Genetics
F862BSc Hons Geographic Info Science
F800BSc Hons Geography
C410BSc Hons Human Genetics
G5NKBSc Hons Inf System w Accounting (Ind P)
G5NCBSc Hons Info Systems w Bus Stds (Ind P)
G5NFBSc Hons Info Systems w Mgt (Ind P)
G5N4BSc Hons Information System w Accounting
G500BSc Hons Information Systems
G504BSc Hons Information Systems (Ind P)
G5N1BSc Hons Information Systems w Bus Stds
G5N2BSc Hons Information Systems w Mgt
C161BSc Hons Marine Biology
C350BSc Hons Marine Zoology
G100BSc Hons Mathematics
G1C1BSc Hons Mathematics with Biology
G1N2BSc Hons Mathematics with Management
GG13BSc Hons Maths & Stats
G140BSc Hons Maths Sciences (Def Choice)
F122BSc Hons Med Chemistry (Indust Train)
CC59BSc Hons Med Microbiology & Immunology
B210BSc Hons Pharmacology
FH82BSc Hons Physical Geography
B100BSc Hons Physiological Sciences
C800BSc Hons Psychology
D452BSc Hons Rural Studies
B620BSc Hons Speech & Language Sciences
G300BSc Hons Statistics
G3N2BSc Hons Statistics with Management
H244BSc Hons Surveying & Map Science
C300BSc Hons Zoology
NG4KBSc Jt Hons Accounting & Comp Sci
NG41BSc Jt Hons Accounting & Maths
NG43BSc Jt Hons Accounting & Stats
CF11BSc Jt Hons Biology & Chemistry
CC18BSc Jt Hons Biology & Psychology
GL4CBSc Jt Hons Comp Sci & Economics
GG41BSc Jt Hons Comp Sci & Maths
GL11BSc Jt Hons Economics & Maths
GL51BSc Jt Hons Economics and Info Systems
GF18BSc Jt Hons Geography & Maths
GF38BSc Jt Hons Geography & Stats
NG55BSc Jt Hons Info Systems and Acctng
CG81BSc Jt Hons Maths & Psychology
CG83BSc Jt Hons Psychology & Statistics
GL31BSc Jt Hons Statistics & Economics
CF17BSc Marine Biology & Oceanography
N500BSc Marketing
G101BSc Mathematics (FndY)
GFC0BSc Natural Sciences (FT)