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Pitman Training Plymouth

58 New George Street, 2nd Floor, City Centre, Plymouth, Devon, PL1 1RR

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Available Courses

ATDAccounting Technician Diploma
ATDYR1Accounting Technician Diploma Year 1
ATDYR2Accounting Technician Diploma Year 2
BUSITDBusiness IT Diploma
EXPADExecutive PA Diploma
EXPADYR1Executive PA Diploma Year 1
EXPADYR2Executive PA Diploma Year 2
EXPLUSExecutive Plus Diploma
EXPLUSYR1Executive Plus Diploma Year 1
EXPLUSYR2Executive Plus Diploma Year 2
INTBUSDIntroduction to Business Diploma
INTBUSDYR1Introduction to Business Diploma Year 1
INTBUSDYR2Introduction to Business Diploma Year 2
LEGSDLegal Secretary Diploma
LEGSDYR1Legal Secretary Diploma Year 1
LEGSDYR2Legal Secretary Diploma Year 2
MEDSDMedical Secretary Diploma
MEDSDYR1Medical Secretary Diploma Year 1
MEDSDYR2Medical Secretary Diploma Year 2
OFMNGDOffice Manager Diploma
OFMNGYR1Office Manager Diploma Year 1
OFMNGRYR2Office Manager Diploma Year 2