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T.C Training Limited

Units 1, 5 & 7 Tile Cross Trading Estate, Tile Cross Road, Marston Green, West Midlands, B33 0NW

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Available Courses

CCLP/CMCACS LPG Commercial Mobile Catering
CCLPACS LPG Core Gas Safety
CCLP/EPACS LPG External Pipework
CCLP/LAVACS LPG Leisure Vehicles
CCLP/PDACS LPG Permanent Dwellings
CCLP/RPHACS LPG Residential Park Homes
ACOPLPGApproved Code of Practive for Caravans Engineers
CONGLP/BBoats tag on to LPG Main Core
CODC1Changeover any core to commercial catering
COCDN1Changeover core commercial to core domestic
CODNCO1Changeover core domestic to commercial
CODC1Changeover from any core to commercial catering
CODNESP1Changeover from Domestic gas to Emergency Service Provider
CONGLPChangeover from Natural Gas to LPG
C&G 2391City & Guilds Inspection & Testing
C&G 2382/1City & Guilds 17th Edition Full Course
C&G2382/20City & Guilds Update Course
COCATACommercial appliances changover
CDGA1Commercial direct fired gas heating appliances
CLE1Commercial Gas Laundry equipment
CIGA1Commercial Indirect fired gas heating appliances
CONGLP/CMCCommercial Mobile Catering tag on to LPG Main Core
CORT1Commercial Overhead Radiant Plaque & Tube Heaters
CCCN1Core Commercial Catering Gas Safety
COCN1Core Commercial Gas Safety
CCLPG1Core commercial Laundry Gas Safety
CMA1Core Gas Safety for Meter Installers
CMA2LSCore Gas Safety Limited Scope Natural Gas
CMET1Diaphragm & rotary meters to 75mbar
CMET2Diaphragm RPD & Turbine Meters tp to 7bar
CEN1Domestic ACS Central Heating
CKR1Domestic Cookers
CCN1Domestic Core Gas Safety
EALDomestic Electrical Installers
HTR1Domestic Gas Fires
LAU1Domestic Gas Laundry
MET1Domestic Meters
MET1Domestic Meters to 6 m/h
CKHB1Domestic Ranger Cookers/Range Cooker/Boiler
LEILP1Domestic single bottle supply leisure eqipment patio
DAH1Domestic Warm Air Units
WAT1Domestic Water Heaters
OFT101Domestic/light commercial commission/servicing
OFT105Domestic/Light Commercial Installation
PARTL-EEFEnergy Efficiency
ICPN1First fix of commercial pipework
COMCAT4Fish & Chip Ranges
CPA1Flue Gas Analyser
COMCAT5Forced draught burner appliances
BMP1Gas Booster medium pressure
IGQ - Cat3Initial Gas Qualification
CONGLP/LAVLeisure Vehicles tag on to LPG Main Core
HTRLP3LPG Caravan Space Heaters
WATLP2LPG Caravan Water Heating (Tourers)
REFLP2LPG Caravan/Boat Refrigerators
CENLP1LPG Central Heating
HTRLP2LPG Gas Fires Widney Leisure Range
WAHLP1LPG Warm Air for Caravans/Boats
DAHLP1LPG Warm Air Units
WATLP1LPG Water Heaters (Statics)
CABLP1Mobile Cabinet Heaters
VESLP2Mutiple supply abiove & below ground pipework to 63mm
MET3LSNew fix primary gas meters to 6m/h NG Limited Scope
OFT600AOil storage tank installation
COMCAT1&3Open/solid top ranges/deep fat & pressure fryers
CONGLP/PDPermanent dwellings add on to main core
EFJLP1Polythylene electro fusion weld
C&G 2377Portable appliance testing
MET4Primary diaphragm Gas Meters to to 2" Pipe
CONGLP/RPHResidential Park Homes tag on to LPG Core
VESLP1Single supply above & below ground pipework to 32mm
TPCP1ATesting & Purging Commercial Gas Installations MOP to 40mbar
TPCP1Testing & Purging Commercial Gas Installations over 40mbar
UVHWSUnvented Hot Water Systems
OFT102Vaporisers/pot burners
COMCAT2Water Boilers pressure or expansion
WREGSWater Regulations