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Here at our ELC learning providers directory, we specialise in listing enhanced learning credits providers and private organisations for members of the Armed Forces. Our directory can help you to find an educational institute in the UK who provides the required course(s) to suit your requirements.

The Open University

Student Registration & Enquiry Service (SRS), PO Box 197, Walton Hall, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, MK7 6BJ

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Available Courses

A30020th century literature: texts and debates
L314A buen puerto: advanced Spanish
DU301A world of whose making?
H810Accessible online learning: supporting disabled students
B321Accounting for strategy implementation
K217Adult health, social care and wellbeing
K319Adulthood, ageing and the life course
A363Advanced creative writing
D841Advanced experimental design and analysis
M833Advanced mathematical methods
T824Advanced routing - CCNP 1
B120An introduction to business studies
T884An introduction to finite element analysis
K101An introduction to health and social care
W150An introduction to law in contemporary Scotland
B122An introduction to retail management and marketing
M248Analysing data
M885Analysis and design of enterprise systems: an object-oriented approach
M823Analytic number theory I
S240Analytical science: health, heritage and environments
S130Analytical sciences in practice
L195Andante: beginners' Italian
M343Applications of probability
M828Applied complex variables
K216Applied social work practice
DSE232Applying psychology
SA188Archaeology: the science of investigation
A216Art and its histories
AA318Art of the twentieth century
L130Auftakt: intermediate German
L197Beginners' Chinese
SD226Biological psychology: exploring the brain
L192Bon depart: beginners' French
M263Building blocks of software
W222Business and consumer transactions: law and practice
B203Business functions in context
T883Business operations: delivering value
B201Business organisations and their environments
W822Business, human rights law and corporate social responsibility
M820Calculus of Variations and advanced calculus
TU870Capacities for managing development
T122Career development and employability
K272Challenging ideas in mental health
SDK122Challenging obesity
T227Change, strategy and projects at work
S345Chemical change and environmental applications
ED209Child development
E807Children and young people's worlds: frameworks for integrated practice
EA300Children's literature
K346Children, young people and health: enhancing care
T216Cisco networking (CCNA)
DD303Cognitive psychology
SH804Communicating science in the information age
T215Communication and information technologies
K309Communication in health and social care
W223Company law and practice
MS325Computer algebra, chaos and simulations
M889Computer forensics and investigations
T224Computers and processors
S827Concept to clinic
K825Conducting healthcare research
SEH806Contemporary issues in science learning
D172Contemporary Wales
A397Continuing classical Latin
U810Continuing professional development in practice
B831Corporate finance
D240Counselling: exploring fear and sadness
A215Creative writing
B822Creativity, innovation and change
BZX822Creativity, innovation and change (online version)
DD301Crime and justice
D867Critical criminological perspectives
K802Critical practice with children and young people
K315Critical social work practice
L196Croeso: beginners' Welsh
E846Curriculum, learning and society: investigating practice
S170Darwin and evolution
M888Databases in enterprise systems
TT380Databases within website design
K260Death and dying
K228Delivering the youth rehabilitation order
T211Design and designing
T183Design and the Web
U101Design thinking: creativity for the 21st century
MT264Designing applications with Visual Basic
K824Designing healthcare research
ME625Developing algebraic thinking
M362Developing concurrent distributed systems
ME627Developing geometric thinking
S825Developing research skills in science
K823Developing skills for practice
ME626Developing statistical thinking
S230Developing your analytical science practice
S210Developing your health science practice
K344Developing your leadership potential
S211Developing your paramedic practice
DB124Development of financial practice
TU871Development: context and practice
SK120Diabetes care
E801Difficulties in literacy development
T150Digital audio
T156Digital film school
T189Digital photography: creating and sharing better images
T151Digital worlds: designing games, creating alternative realities
D843Discourse analysis
MU123Discovering mathematics
DSE141Discovering psychology
M840Dissertation in mathematics
K800Dissertation: a research project
K225Diverse perspectives on mental health
DD309Doing economics: people, markets and policy
S346Drug design and synthesis
EK311Early years focus on research with children and young people
DU311Earth in crisis: environmental policy in an international context
S808Earth science: a systems approach
T320Ebusiness technologies: foundations and practice
DD202Economics and economic change
ET821Education for development
E891Educational enquiry
E856Educational leadership: context, strategy and collaboration
K208Effective practice in youth justice
S187Elements of forensic science
S171Empire of the microbes
A326Empire: 1492-1975
W221Employment law and practice
L140En rumbo: intermediate Spanish
T206Energy for a sustainable future
T198Engineering at work
T356Engineering small worlds: micro and nano technologies
T173Engineering the future
T207Engineering: mechanics, materials, design
LB720English communication skills for global managers (preMBA)
L185English for academic purposes online
E303English grammar in context
K334Enhancing child health nursing practice
K117Enhancing your healthcare practice
T862Enterprise and the environment
B846Entrepreneurship:experience and perspective
U116Environment: journeys through a changing world
T863Environmental decision making: a systems approach
T308Environmental monitoring, modelling and control
TD866Environmental responsibility: ethics, policy and action
S216Environmental science
SXE390Environmental science practical project
L211Envol: upper intermediate French
E214Equality, participation and inclusion: learning from each other
A181Ethics in real life
K336Exploring ageing
A200Exploring history: medieval to modern 1400-1900
MS221Exploring mathematics
A222Exploring philosophy
K316Exploring practice
DSE212Exploring psychology
DZX222Exploring psychology on-line project
S104Exploring science
Y164Exploring sport online
A219Exploring the classical world
U211Exploring the English language
E210Extending professional practice in the early years
B291Financial accounting
B821Financial strategy
BZX821Financial strategy (online version)
T839Forensic engineering
D872Forensic psychology: crime, offenders and policing
D873Forensic psychology: witnesses, experts and evidence on trial
K115Foundations for effective practice in youth justice
KYJ113Foundations for social work practice
KZW113Foundations for social work practice
TM892Foundations of IT professional practice
M835Fractal geometry
AA302From composition to performance: musicians at work
A207From Enlightenment to Romanticism c.1780-1830
S175Frozen planet
M826Functional analysis
M364Fundamentals of interaction design
S829Further material in medical physics
MT365Graphs, networks and design
M336Groups and geometry
S110Health sciences in practice
A180Heritage, whose heritage?
SK277Human biology
SK195Human genetics and health issues
S809Imaging in medicine
SK320Infectious disease and public health
M886Information security management
T853Information systems legacy and evolution
T307Innovation: designing for a sustainable future
H807Innovations in elearning
A224Inside music
ST174Inside nuclear energy
TU872Institutional development: conflicts, values and meanings
T835Integrated safety, health and environmental management
U213International development: challenges for a world in transition
S194Introducing astronomy
Y181Introducing environment
SDK125Introducing health sciences: a case study approach
KZL107Introducing professional practice and knowledge
A217Introducing religions
DD101Introducing the social sciences
DD131Introducing the social sciences - part one
DD132Introducing the social sciences - part two
B190Introduction to bookkeeping and accounting
D171Introduction to counselling
BD131Introduction to financial services
D849Introduction to quantitative and qualitative research methods
E112Introduction to sport, fitness and management
E131Introduction to working with young people
E118Introduction to working with young people in practice
B322Investigating entrepreneurial opportunities
E854Investigating language in action
A851Issues in contemporary social and political philosophy
T324Keeping ahead in information and communication technologies
T397Key skills for professional engineers
E852Language, literacy and learning in the contemporary world
W300Law: agreements, rights and responsibilities
W301Law: ownership and trusteeship: rights and responsibilities
W201Law: the individual and the state
B832Leading health service delivery and improvement
K827Leading healthcare improvements
B833Leading healthcare innovation
E132Leading work with young people
E218Leading work with young people in practice
EZL132Leading work with young people: supported APEL route
T852Learning from IS failures
E101Learning through enquiry in primary schools
T155Linux: an introduction
DD205Living in a globalised world
DD306Living political ideas
A815MA English part 1
A816MA English part 2
A825MA History part 1
A826MA History part 2
A880MA Religious Studies part 1
A881MA Religious Studies part 2
U122Make your experience count
B830Making a difference
BXH830Making a difference (MSc Human Resource Management version)
BZX830Making a difference (online version)
K335Making a difference to child health nursing
B204Making it happen! Leadership, influence and change
BXA204Making it happen! Leadership, influence and change in retailing
B301Making sense of strategy
Y180Making sense of the arts
A151Making sense of things: an introduction to material culture
DD308Making social worlds
B292Management accounting
B852Management and business research
B847Management beyond the mainstream
B628Managing 1: organisations and people
BZX628Managing 1: organisations and people - online version
B629Managing 2: marketing and finance
BZX629Managing 2: marketing and finance - online version
B690Managing 3: the integration challenge
B325Managing across organisational and cultural boundaries
K303Managing care
T306Managing complexity: a systems approach
B841Managing financial risk
B121Managing in the workplace
BXS121Managing in the workplace (public service version)
B823Managing knowledge
BZX823Managing knowledge (online version)
TU812Managing systemic change: inquiry, action and interaction
M882Managing the software enterprise
T881Manufacture materials design
B324Marketing and society
B825Marketing in a complex world
BZX825Marketing in a complex world (online version)
MST209Mathematical methods and models
M347Mathematical statistics
S151Maths for science
K337Maximising older people's potential
B716MBA stage 1: management: perspectives and practice
A218Medicine and society in Europe 1500-1930
K320Mentorship and assessment in health and social care settings
S347Metals and life
TM128Microsoft server technologies
L310Mises au point: advanced French
S377Molecular and cell biology
S807Molecules in medicine
SK185Molecules, medicines and drugs: a chemical story
L203Motive: upper intermediate German
S810MSc project module
SXP810MSc project module for IPEM accredited pathway
SXM810MSc project module for MSc in Medicinal Chemistry
SXB810MSc project module for MSc in Professional Science
T802MSc research course
T826Multilayer switching - CCNP 3
TU100My digital life
A330Myth in the Greek and Roman worlds
M366Natural and artificial intelligence
S159Neighbourhood nature
M821Nonlinear ordinary differential equations
M255Object-oriented programming with Java
TT381Open source development tools
T827Optimising networks - CCNP 4
S279Our dynamic planet: Earth and life
L120Ouverture: intermediate French
A871Performances and repertories
T191Personal and career development in engineering
DB234Personal investment in an uncertain world
DD305Personal lives and social policy
K221Perspectives on complementary and alternative medicine
EXT882PGCE - Design & Technology assessment 2
S283Planetary science and the search for life
S173Plants and people
L194Portales: beginners' Spanish
H812Postgraduate certificate in academic practice
A840Postgraduate foundation module in art history
A860Postgraduate foundation module in classical studies
A870Postgraduate foundation module in music
A850Postgraduate foundation module in philosophy
DD203Power, dissent, equality: understanding contemporary politics
SXE288Practical environmental science
M249Practical modern statistics
SXL288Practical science: biology and health
SXC288Practical science: chemistry and analysis
SXP288Practical science: physics and astronomy
H809Practice-based research in educational technology
T889Problem solving and improvement: quality and other approaches
LB160Professional communication skills for business studies
EXG880Professional Graduate Certificate in Education: Geography
EXM880Professional Graduate Certificate in Education: Mathematics
EXF880Professional Graduate Certificate in Education: MFL - French
EXD880Professional Graduate Certificate in Education: MFL - German
EXB880Professional Graduate Certificate in Education: MFL - Spanish
EXA880Professional Graduate Certificate in Education: Science (Biology)
EXC880Professional Graduate Certificate in Education: Science (Chemistry)
EXP880Professional Graduate Certificate in Education: Science (Physics)
EXT880Professional Graduate Certificate in Education: Secondary D&T
EXN880Professional Graduate Certificate in Education: Secondary Music
K830Professional practice (children and families)
K840Professional practice (children and families) (credit transfer route)
E105Professional practice in the early years
M865Project management
K339Promoting person-centred practice
K311Promoting public health: skills, perspectives and practice
D842Psychometrics: selection and assessment
SXL288Ptactical science: biology and health
M208Pure mathematics
M257Putting Java to work
S819Radiotherapy and its physics
A230Reading and studying literature
A275Reading classical Greek: language and literature
A297Reading classical Latin
EE881Reflecting on professional learning in education
M876Relational database systems
M359Relational databases: theory and practice
W224Relationships, families and the law
AD317Religion today: tradition, modernity and change
AA315Renaissance art reconsidered
D845Research methods dissertation in social sciences
M801Research project and dissertation
EK310Research with children and young people
K828Researching and evaluating healthcare practice
SXL390Researching biology and health science
E859Researching educational leadership and management
E848Researching inclusive education: values into practice
ME825Researching mathematics learning
T161Return to science, engineering and technology
T184Robotics & the meaning of life: a practical guide to things that think
W100Rules, rights and justice: an introduction to law
L193Rundblick: beginners' German
EXF223Science and theory into practice: exercise instruction
EXC223Science and theory into practice: sports coaching
S250Science in context
SXE390Science project course: environmental science practical project
SXM390Science project course: frontiers in chemistry
SXG390Science project course: geosciences
SXP390Science project course: radiation and matter
SXN390Science project course: science in society project
S154Science starts here
S155Scientific investigations
A177Shakespeare: an introduction
AA306Shakespeare: text and performance
K341Shaping professional practice
SD329Signals and perception: the science of the senses
A182Small country, big history: themes in the history of Wales
DD307Social psychology: critical perspectives on self and others
K229Social work with children, young people and families in Scotland
DD201Sociology and society
M256Software development with Java
M363Software engineering with objects
M883Software requirements for business systems
E233Sport and exercise psychology: a case study approach
S172Sport: the science behind the medals
A179Start listening to music
A174Start writing fiction
Y166Starting with law
Y162Starting with maths
Y183Starting with psychology
B827Strategic human resource management
B845Strategic human resource management
BZX827Strategic human resource management (online version)
E857Strategic leadership of CPD in education
T357Structural integrity: designing against failure
E207Subject knowledge and professional practice in primary schools
T882Supply chain innovation, strategy and management
E124Supporting children's learning in the early years
E111Supporting learning in primary schools
T123Sustainable Scotland
T837Systems engineering
ME624Teaching mathematical thinking at Key Stage 3
T885Team engineering
M253Team working in distributed environments
T325Technologies for digital media
T840Technology management: an integrative approach
T846Technology strategy
H800Technology-enhanced learning: practices and debates
A847The art history dissertation
E301The art of English
AA100The arts past and present
A867The classical studies dissertation
TM470The computing and IT project
TU874The development management project
B835The dynamics of strategy
E100The early years: developing practice
H808The elearning professional
T450The engineering project
U316The environmental web
S369The geological record of environmental change
A861The Greek theatre
B855The human resource professional
T851The information systems toolkit
K270The law and social work in England and Wales
K207The law and social work in Scotland
S205The molecular world
T847The MSc professional project
A877The music dissertation
AA316The nineteenth-century novel
A857The philosophy dissertation
S207The physical world
SM358The quantum world
S383The relativistic Universe
SDK228The science of the mind: investigating mental health
TM190The story of maths
TA212The technology of music
A841Themes and issues in contemporary art history
TU811Thinking strategically: systems tools for managing change
AA308Thought and experience: themes in the philosophy of mind
AA312Total war and social change: Europe 1914-1955
T398Towards chartership: professional development for engineers
SK123Understanding cancers
SK121Understanding cardiovascular diseases
Y156Understanding children
ED841Understanding children's development and learning
AD281Understanding global heritage
Y178Understanding health
SK183Understanding human nutrition
W200Understanding law
Y159Understanding management
Y177Understanding society
T214Understanding systems: making sense of complexity
SK124Understanding the autism spectrum
S339Understanding the continents
K333Understanding the experience of childhood
S189Understanding the weather
K332Using evidence to develop practice
MST121Using mathematics
K345Using policy in practice
K343Using research and evidence in practice
L313Variationen: advanced German
L204Viento en popa: upper intermediate Spanish
L150Vivace: intermediate Italian
A150Voices and texts
S186Volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis
TU875War, intervention and development
MS324Waves, diffusion and variational principles
E230Ways of knowing: language, mathematics and science in the early years
TT382Web server management, performance and tuning
M887Web systems integration
TT284Web technologies
DD208Welfare, crime and society
T825Wide area networks - CCNP 2
B625Winning resources and support
E113Working and learning in sport and fitness
BU130Working and learning: developing effective performance at work
BUXS130Working and learning: developing effective performance at work (public service version)
K203Working for health
KE312Working together for children
K116Working with children and young people in trouble
E123Working with children in the early years
K218Working with children, young people and families
A251World archaeology
U214Worlds of English
DB123You and your money: personal finance in context
K209Youth justice: theory, research and practice
KE308Youth: perspectives and practice
E318Youth: policy in practice