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Here at our ELC learning providers directory, we specialise in listing enhanced learning credits providers and private organisations for members of the Armed Forces. Our directory can help you to find an educational institute in the UK who provides the required course(s) to suit your requirements.

University of Warwick

University House, Coventry, West Midlands, CV4 8UW

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Available Courses

RETS-X3ZNApplied Linguistics
UCXA-Q800BA in Classics
UHIA-VR19BA in History and Culture
UHIA-VR1ABA in History and Culture (with Year Abroad)
UITA-R310BA in Italian
ULAA-ML34BA in Law and Sociology (Qualifying Degree)
UPHA-VL78BA in Philosophy with Psychology
USOA-L301BA in Sociology
UMDA-A101Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery
UESA-H330BEng Automotive Engineering
UESA-H210BEng Civil Engineering
UESA-HH13BEng Combined Technology
UESA-H690BEng Computer & Information Engineering
UESA-H634BEng Electronic Engineering
UESA-H106BEng Engineering
UESA-HN12BEng Engineering Business Management
UESA-HH73BEng Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering
UESA-H310BEng Mechanical Engineering
UESA-HH36BEng Systems Engineering
UCSA-G400BSc Computing Systems
UCSA-G401BSc Computing Systems (Intercalated Year)
UESA-HN11BSc Engineering and Business Studies
UIBA-N203BSc in International Management
UIBA-N201BSc in Management
UIBA-N202BSc in Management (with Intercalated Year)
TIBS-N1P9Business Administration (Executive)
UCHA-FN12Chemistry and Business Studies(with Intercalated Year)
RCHA-F1P3Chemistry Marie Curie Visiting Students
UESA-H612Computer Systems Engineering MEng
RREA-M9PACRER Marie Curie Visiting Students
RTHS-W4P8Cultural Policy Studies (Research)
RETS-X3ZCDoctorate in Education (Applied Linguistics and English Language Teaching)
TPOS-M9PEDouble MA in Politics and International Studies with Warwick and NTU Singapore
UIEA-X310Educational Studies (Arts Education)
UIEA-X303Educational Studies [Science Education]
RESA-H1R6EngD in Nondestructive Evaluation
TETS-X38PEnglish Language Teaching (Taught)
RETS-X3ZMEnglish Language Teaching and Applied Linguistics
THAA-V4P3History of Art (Diploma)
UMDA-A100Joint degree of Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery
UIBA-MN34Law and Business Four Year (Qualifying Degree)
TLAS-M1M2LLM International Development Law and Human Rights
RETS-X3PEMA by Research in English Language Teaching
RASA-L4P9MA by Research in Social Policy
RASA-L4P8MA by Research in Social Work
TFRA-R1P6MA for Research in French and Francophone Studies
TCXA-V301MA in Ancient Visual and Material Culture
TASA-L5P7MA in Applied Social Studies
TETS-Q3X9MA in British Cultural Studies and English Language Teaching
TGEA-R2P4Ma in German Cultural Studies
TPOS-M9PBMA in Globalisation and Development
THIA-V1PJMA in History
TTHS-W200MA in International Design and Communication Management
TPOS-M1PAMA in International Politics and Europe
TIBA-N207MA in Management and Organizational Analysis
THIA-V1PKMA in Modern British History: Society and Culture 1750 to the Present Day
THUA-QV21MA in Pan-Romanticisms
TPHA-V7PKMA in Philosophy of Mind
TSOA-L3PIMA in Social Research with Specialism in Comparative Labour Studies
TSOA-L3PPMA in Social Research with Specialism in Men and Masculinities
TSOA-L3PHMA in Social Research with Specialism in Race & Ethnic Studies
TSOA-L3PNMA in Social Research with Specialism in Social and Political Thought
TSOA-L3PFMA in Social Research with Specialism in Sociology of Education
TSOA-L3PGMA in Social Research with Specialism in Sociology of Health
TSOA-L3PKMA in Social Research with Specialism in Sport Politics and Society
TCLA-Q2PCMA in Translation Media and Cultural Transfer
THUS-QW98MA in Translation Writing and Cultural Difference
TCXA-V302MA in Visual and Material Culture of Ancient Rome
TENA-Q3P7MA in Writing
TASA-L5P6MA Social Work
TIEA-X31PMathematics Education
RMAA-G1PAMathematics Marie Curie Visiting Students
UMAA-G1GZMathematics with Computing(with Intercalated Year)
TIBS-N1PWMBA by Distance Learning
UCHA-FC11MChem Chemical Biology
UESA-H331MEng Automotive Engineering
UESA-H332MEng Automotive Engineering with Intercalated Year
UESA-H333MEng Automotive Engineering with Year in Research
UESA-H211MEng Civil Engineering
UESA-H212MEng Civil Engineering with Intercalated Year
UESA-H213MEng Civil Engineering with Year in Research
UESA-H691MEng Computer & Information Engineering
UESA-H692MEng Computer & Information Engineering with Intercalated Year
UESA-H693MEng Computer & Information Engineering with Year in Research
UCSA-G504MEng Computer Science (with intercalated year)
UCSA-G402MEng Computing Systems
UCSA-G403MEng Computing Systems (Intercalated Year)
UESA-H635MEng Electronic Engineering
UESA-H636MEng Electronic Engineering with Intercalated Year
UESA-H637MEng Electronic Engineering with Year in Research
UESA-H107MEng Engineering
UESA-H109MEng Engineering with Intercalated Year
UESA-H110MEng Engineering with Year in Research
UESA-HH37MEng Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering
UESA-HH38MEng Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering with Intercalated Year
UESA-HH39MEng Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering with Year in Research
UESA-H311MEng Mechanical Engineering
UESA-H312MEng Mechanical Engineering with Intercalated Year
UESA-H313MEng Mechanical Engineering with Year in Research
UESA-HH63MEng Systems Engineering
UESA-HH64MEng Systems Engineering with Intercalated Year
UESA-HH65MEng Systems Engineering with Year in Research
RHRA-D4P4MPhil in Plant and Environmental Sciences
RASA-L4PUMPhil/PhD in Built Environment Health and Well Being
RASA-L4P6MPhil/PHd in Social Policy
RASA-L4P7MPhil/PhD in Social Work
RMAA-G1PBMSc by Research in Mathematics
RHRA-D4P6MSC by Research in Plant and Environmental Sciences
RCYA-G5P6MSc by Research in Scientific Computing
TESA-H6B9MSc in Advanced Biomedical Engineering
TCHA-F1PBMSc in Chemistry with Scientific Writing
TCHA-F1PAMSc in Communicating Multidisciplinary Science
TIBS-N300MSc in Finance
TMHS-B930MSc in Health Sciences
TIBS-G5N2MSc in Information Systems and Management
TIBA-N1Z6MSc in Management Science and Operational Research
TIBS-N500MSc in Marketing and Strategy
TCYA-G5P5MSc in Scientific Computing
TCYA-G5P7MSc in Scientific Computing (EPSRC)
TESS-H1ZHMSc in Supply Engineering and Logistics
TCHA-F1P1PG Taught Instrumental and Analytical Methods in Biological and Environmental Chemistry
TCHA-F1P4PG Taught Mathematical Biology and Biophysical Chemistry
RCHA-F1P6PhD in Chemistry with Industrial Collaboration
RIRA-N6P3PhD in Employment Research
RCHA-F1P7PhD in Mathematical Biology and Biophysical Chemistry
RPHA-V7MTPhD in Philosophy
RHRA-D4P5PhD in Plant and Environmental Sciences
RCYA-G5P4PhD in Scientific Computing
RPXA-F3P3Physics Marie Curie Visiting Students
RPOA-M1P9Politics Marie Curie Visiting Students
TIEA-X30ZPostgraduate Certificate in Applied Education and Training
TIEQ-X31APostgraduate Certificate in Education (Early Years)
TIEQ-X32APostgraduate Certificate in Education (Primary)
TIEQ-X32BPostgraduate Certificate in Education (Primary) - Part-Time
TIEQ-X32CPostgraduate Certificate in Education (Primary): Modern Foreign Languages
TIEQ-X33KPostgraduate Certificate in Education (Secondary): Biology
TIEQ-X33APostgraduate Certificate in Education (Secondary): Business Education
TIEQ-X33JPostgraduate Certificate in Education (Secondary): Chemistry
TIEQ-X33BPostgraduate Certificate in Education (Secondary): Drama with English
TIEQ-X33CPostgraduate Certificate in Education (Secondary): English with Drama
TIEQ-X33LPostgraduate Certificate in Education (Secondary): French
TIEQ-X33TPostgraduate Certificate in Education (Secondary): French with German
TIEQ-X33QPostgraduate Certificate in Education (Secondary): French with Spanish
TIEQ-X33MPostgraduate Certificate in Education (Secondary): German
TIEQ-X33RPostgraduate Certificate in Education (Secondary): German with French
TIEQ-X33UPostgraduate Certificate in Education (Secondary): German with Spanish
TIEQ-X34BPostgraduate Certificate in Education (Secondary): Health and Social Care
TIEQ-X33DPostgraduate Certificate in Education (Secondary): History
TIEQ-X33EPostgraduate Certificate in Education (Secondary): ICT
TIEQ-X33FPostgraduate Certificate in Education (Secondary): Mathematics
TIEQ-X33XPostgraduate Certificate in Education (Secondary): Mathematics with Physics
TIEQ-X34APostgraduate Certificate in Education (Secondary): Media
TIEQ-X33WPostgraduate Certificate in Education (Secondary): Modern Foreign Languages with Business Education
TIEQ-X33HPostgraduate Certificate in Education (Secondary): Physics
TIEQ-X33GPostgraduate Certificate in Education (Secondary): Religious Education
TIEQ-X33NPostgraduate Certificate in Education (Secondary): Spanish
TIEQ-X33SPostgraduate Certificate in Education (Secondary): Spanish with French
TIEQ-X33VPostgraduate Certificate in Education (Secondary): Spanish with German
TIEQ-X30XPostgraduate Certificate in Education Studies
TIEA-X335Postgraduate Certificate in Enterprise Education
TIEA-X30HPostgraduate Certificate in Promoting Effective Pastoral Care and Personal Social Health and Citiz
TIEA-X30PPostgraduate Certificate in Religious Education
TETS-X9PBPostgraduate Diploma in English Language Studies and Methods
TETS-X9P7Postgraduate Diploma in English Language Teaching
TETS-X9PAPostgraduate Diploma in English Language Teaching and Multimedia
TETS-X9P8Postgraduate Diploma in English Language Teaching for Specific Purposes
TETS-X9P9Postgraduate Diploma in English Language Teaching for Young Learners
TIEA-X8PCPostgraduate Education Leadership and Innovation
TIEA-X3PVPostgraduate Educational Research Methods
RESA-H1P4Postgraduate Engineering Doctorate (Research)
RRSA-V1PIPostgraduate MA by Research in Renaissance Studies
RCXA-Q8P1Postgraduate Master by Research in Classics and Ancient History
RLAA-M3P2Postgraduate Master of Law by Research
RECA-L1P3Postgraduate Master of Science by Research in Economics
RBSA-C1P6Postgraduate Master of Science by Research Biological Sciences
RCHA-F1P2Postgraduate Master of Science by Research in Chemistry
RCSA-G5P3Postgraduate Master of Science by Research in Computer Science
RESA-H1PNPostgraduate Master of Science by Research in Engineering
RMAA-G1P6Postgraduate Master of Science by Research in Interdisciplinary Maths
RPXA-F3P2Postgraduate Master of Science by Research in Physics
RPSA-C8P3Postgraduate Master of Science by Research in Psychology
THRA-D4P8Postgraduate Master of Science in Enterprise in Horticulture
THRA-D4P7Postgraduate Master of Science in Plant Bioscience for Crop Production
RCAA-Q4P1Postgraduate Masters by Research Caribbean Studies
RCLA-Q2PAPostgraduate Masters by Research Comparative Literature
RCEA-X3XMPostgraduate Masters by Research Continuing Education
RIEA-X3APPostgraduate Masters by Research in Arts Education
RIEA-X3XLPostgraduate Masters by Research in Education
RFIA-W5P5Postgraduate Masters by Research in Film and Television Studies
RFIA-W5P4Postgraduate Masters by Research in Film Studies
RFRA-R1P4Postgraduate Masters by Research in French Studies
RMDA-B92PPostgraduate Masters by Research in Health Sciences
RHIA-V1PCPostgraduate Masters by Research in History
RHAA-V4P4Postgraduate Masters by Research in History of Art
RIBA-N1PEPostgraduate Masters by Research in Industrial and Business Studies
RPOA-M9P5Postgraduate Masters by Research in International Studies
RITA-R3P1Postgraduate Masters by Research in Italian
RMDA-B94PPostgraduate Masters by Research in Medical Education
RPHA-V7PJPostgraduate Masters by Research in Mind and Metaphysics
RPHA-V7PAPostgraduate Masters by Research in Philosophy
RPHA-V7P9Postgraduate Masters by Research in Philosophy and Literature
RPOA-M1P6Postgraduate Masters by Research in Politics
RPOA-M1P7Postgraduate Masters by Research in Politics and International Studies
RSOA-L3PAPostgraduate Masters by Research in Sociology
RTHA-W4P3Postgraduate Masters by Research in Theatre Studies
RIEA-X3CPPostgraduate MSc by Research in Science Education
RMDA-A35PPostgraduate MSc by Research Medical Sciences
RMDA-A32PPostgraduate MSc by Research Medicine
RCSA-G5P0Postgraduate Reseach Computer Science
RASA-L4P3Postgraduate Research Applied Social Studies
RIEA-X3P2Postgraduate Research Arts Education
RBSA-C1P0Postgraduate Research Biological Sciences
RBSA-C1PHPostgraduate Research Biological Sciences (HRI)
RBSA-CP1RPostgraduate Research Biological Sciences (MD/MS/MMedSci)
RCAA-Q4P0Postgraduate Research Caribbean Studies
RCHA-F1P0Postgraduate Research Chemistry
RCXA-Q8P0Postgraduate Research Classics and Ancient History
RMDA-B91FPostgraduate Research Clinical Education
RCLA-QMP5Postgraduate Research Comparative Cultural Studies
RCLA-Q2P0Postgraduate Research Comparative Literature
RCOA-F3P5Postgraduate Research Complexity Science
RCEA-X3X5Postgraduate Research Continuing Education
RTHS-W4PBPostgraduate Research Creative Industries
RTHA-W4P5Postgraduate Research Cultural Policy Studies
RIEA-X3X8Postgraduate Research Doctorate in Education
RECA-L1P2Postgraduate Research Economics
RETS-X3POPostgraduate Research Ed English Language Teaching (Research)
RIEA-X3X7Postgraduate Research Education
RIRN-L1PEPostgraduate Research Employment Research
RESA-H1P0Postgraduate Research Engineering
RENA-Q3P4Postgraduate Research English
RENA-Q3P0Postgraduate Research English and Comparative Literary Studies
RREA-M9P1Postgraduate Research Ethnic Relations
RFIA-W5P2Postgraduate Research Film and Television Studies
RFIA-W5P0Postgraduate Research Film Studies
RIBA-N3P1Postgraduate Research Finance
RFRA-R1P2Postgraduate Research French Studies
RGEA-R2P2Postgraduate Research German Studies
RGEA-R2P3Postgraduate Research German Studies (MA)
RASS-B717Postgraduate Research Health Care
RMDA-B91PPostgraduate Research Health Sciences
RMES-B9PYPostgraduate Research Health Sciences
RHIA-V1P0Postgraduate Research History
RHAA-V4P0Postgraduate Research History of Art
RASA-L4PBPostgraduate Research in Health and Social Studies
RPHA-V7P3Postgraduate Research in Philosophy
RASA-L4PAPostgraduate Research in Social Work and Social Policy
RIBA-N1P0Postgraduate Research Industrial and Business Studies
RMDA-B92KPostgraduate Research Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research
RMAA-G1P1Postgraduate Research Interdisciplinary Maths
RPOA-M9P4Postgraduate Research International Studies
RITA-R3P0Postgraduate Research Italian
RLAA-M3P0Postgraduate Research Law
RBSA-C1PBPostgraduate Research Life Sciences
RBSA-C1PDPostgraduate Research Life Sciences Professional Doctorate
RMAA-G1P4Postgraduate Research Mathematics
RMAA-G3G1Postgraduate Research Mathematics and Statistics
RIEA-X3GPPostgraduate Research Mathematics Education
RMDA-B93PPostgraduate Research Medical Education
RMES-B9P5Postgraduate Research Medical Education
RMDA-A34PPostgraduate Research Medical Sciences
RMES-B9PSPostgraduate Research Medical Sciences
RMDA-A31PPostgraduate Research Medicine
RMES-B9P9Postgraduate Research Medicine
RMDA-A33PPostgraduate Research Medicine (MS/MD/MMedSci)
RASS-B718Postgraduate Research Nursing
RPHA-V7P1Postgraduate Research Philosophy and Literature
RPXA-F3P0Postgraduate Research Physics
RPOA-M1P4Postgraduate Research Politics
RPOA-M1P5Postgraduate Research Politics and International Studies
RPSA-C8P1Postgraduate Research Psychology
RIEA-X3X6Postgraduate Research Science Education
RSOA-L3P0Postgraduate Research Sociology
RSTA-G4P0Postgraduate Research Statistics
RBSA-C1PAPostgraduate Research Systems Biology
RTHA-W4P0Postgraduate Research Theatre Studies
RTHS-W4P2Postgraduate Research Theatre Studies (Independently-funded students)
RCLA-Q2P6Postgraduate Research Translation Studies
RIBA-N1PJPostgraduate Research Warwick Business School Doctoral Programme
RWSA-M9P6Postgraduate Research Women and Gender
TESA-H6P2Postgraduate Taught Information Technology for Manufacture
TESA-H1PAPostgraduate Taught Advanced Electronic Engineering
TESA-H1PCPostgraduate Taught Advanced Engineering
TLAA-M3PJPostgraduate Taught Advanced Legal Studies
TESA-H3P0Postgraduate Taught Advanced Mechanical Engineering
TESA-H1Z7Postgraduate Taught Advanced Photonics and Communications
TCHA-F1PGPostgraduate Taught Analytical Science: Methods and Instrumental Techniques
TASA-L3PSPostgraduate Taught Applied Social Research with Specialism in Health Studies
TASA-L3PTPostgraduate Taught Applied Social Research with Specialism in Islam in Contemporary Societies
TASA-L3PRPostgraduate Taught Applied Social Research with Specialism in Social Work
TESA-H800Postgraduate Taught Biomedical Engineering
TBSS-C5N2Postgraduate Taught Biotechnology Bioprocessing and Business Management
TIBS-N1P2Postgraduate Taught Business Administration
TIBA-N1N2Postgraduate Taught Business Analytics and Consulting
TIEA-X334Postgraduate Taught Business and Enterprise Education
TMES-B9PGPostgraduate Taught Child Health
TIEA-X30FPostgraduate Taught Childhood in Society
TCSA-G4C8Postgraduate Taught Cognitive Systems
TCLA-Q3P3Postgraduate Taught Colonial and Post-Colonial Literature in English
TCLA-Q2PDPostgraduate Taught Comparative Cultural and Media Studies
TCLA-QMP6Postgraduate Taught Comparative Cultural Studies
TSOA-L3P3Postgraduate Taught Comparative Labour Studies
TCLA-Q2PBPostgraduate Taught Comparative Literary & Cultural Studies
TCOA-F3P4Postgraduate Taught Complexity Science
TCSA-G5P8Postgraduate Taught Computer Science and Applications
TPHA-V7P2Postgraduate Taught Continental Philosophy
TTHS-W4P4Postgraduate Taught Creative and Media Enterprises
THIA-V1P6Postgraduate Taught Culture Class and Power:Modern Europe since 1850
TRSA-V1PFPostgraduate Taught Culture of the European Renaissance
TESS-H6C3Postgraduate Taught Cybersecurity and Management
TIEA-X30CPostgraduate Taught Drama and Theatre Education
TIEA-X3PXPostgraduate Taught Drama and Theatre Education
TESA-H7PKPostgraduate Taught e-Business Management
TESS-H7PLPostgraduate Taught e-Business Management
TECS-C8P6Postgraduate Taught Economic and Psychological Science
TECA-L1P5Postgraduate Taught Economics
TECA-L1P6Postgraduate Taught Economics
TECA-L1PAPostgraduate Taught Economics (Diploma plus MSc)
TECA-L1P8Postgraduate Taught Economics and Industrial Organisation
TECA-L1P7Postgraduate Taught Economics and International Financial Economics
TECA-L1P9Postgraduate Taught Economics of Public Policy
TIEA-X9Y2Postgraduate Taught Educational Assessment
TIEA-X31LPostgraduate Taught Educational Innovation
TIEA-X30BPostgraduate Taught Educational Leadership and Innovation
TIEA-X31MPostgraduate Taught Educational Leadership and Management
TIEA-X30EPostgraduate Taught Educational Research Methods
TIEA-X30APostgraduate Taught Educational Studies
THIA-V1PAPostgraduate Taught Eighteenth Century Studies
TESA-H640Postgraduate Taught Electronic Systems
TESA-H64APostgraduate Taught Electronic Systems with Communications
TESA-H64BPostgraduate Taught Electronic Systems with Sensor Technology
TMDS-B92NPostgraduate Taught Endodontics with Supervised Dental Clinical Training
TESA-H650Postgraduate Taught Energy and Power Electronic Systems
TESS-H1P1Postgraduate Taught Engineering Business Management
TESS-H108Postgraduate Taught Engineering Enterprise Excellence
TESA-H7P8Postgraduate Taught Engineering Process Business Management
TESA-H120Postgraduate Taught Engineering Systems
TENA-Q3P2Postgraduate Taught English
TETS-X9P4Postgraduate Taught English Language Teaching
TENA-Q3P1Postgraduate Taught English Literature
TESS-H6C1Postgraduate Taught Enterprise Integration Management
THRA-D4A1Postgraduate Taught Environmental Bioscience in a Changing Climate
TTHS-W4P9Postgraduate Taught European Cultural Policy and Management
TFIA-W5P1Postgraduate Taught Film and Television Studies
TFIA-W5P3Postgraduate Taught Film and Television Studies (For Research)
TIBS-LN1JPostgraduate Taught Finance and Economics
TIBS-N3G1Postgraduate Taught Financial Mathematics
TMAS-G1P5Postgraduate Taught Financial Mathematics
THRA-D4A3Postgraduate Taught Food Security
TFRA-R1P5Postgraduate Taught French Culture and Thought
TWSA-M9P7Postgraduate Taught Gender and International Development
THIA-V200Postgraduate Taught Global History
THAA-V4P2Postgraduate Taught History of Art
THIA-V3P7Postgraduate Taught History of Medicine
THIA-V1PDPostgraduate Taught History of Race in the Americas
TPOS-M9PDPostgraduate Taught Humanitarianism and Security
TCAA-Y3P2Postgraduate Taught Humanities (Caribbean Studies)
TMDS-B92MPostgraduate Taught Implant Dentistry with Supervised Oral Surgery Clinical Training
TPSS-C8P5Postgraduate Taught in Clinical Applications of Psychology
TIBA-N6P7Postgraduate Taught Industrial Relations and Managing Human Resources
TESS-H6P3Postgraduate Taught Information Technology for Manufacture
TMDA-B91ZPostgraduate Taught Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research
TWSA-L3PBPostgraduate Taught Interdisciplinary Gender Studies
TMAA-G1P9Postgraduate Taught Interdisciplinary Mathematics
TLAA-M121Postgraduate Taught International and Comparative Criminal Justice
TIBA-N6P8Postgraduate Taught International and European Employment Relations
TLAS-M3P7Postgraduate Taught International Economic Law
TTHS-W4PAPostgraduate Taught International Performance Research (Erasmus Mundus)
TPOS-M1P3Postgraduate Taught International Political Economy
TPOS-M1P8Postgraduate Taught International Politics and East Asia
TPOS-M9P9Postgraduate Taught International Relations
TPOS-M9PCPostgraduate Taught International Security
TESS-H1PUPostgraduate Taught International Technology Management
TASA-M9P3Postgraduate Taught Islam in Contemporary Societies
THIA-R6P0Postgraduate Taught Latin American Cultural Studies
TLAA-M3P8Postgraduate Taught Law
TIEA-X336Postgraduate Taught Learning and Teaching
TMDS-B92QPostgraduate Taught Lingual Orthodontics with Supervised Dental Clinical Training
TLAS-M221Postgraduate Taught LLM in International Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation
TLAS-M3X1Postgraduate Taught LLM in Legal Education
TIBS-N2N1Postgraduate Taught Management
TESS-H10ZPostgraduate Taught Management for Business Excellence
TMAA-G1P0Postgraduate Taught Mathematics
TMAA-G3G2Postgraduate Taught Mathematics and Statistics
TIEA-X30GPostgraduate Taught Mathematics Education
TESA-H340Postgraduate Taught Mechanical Systems
THIA-V1PNPostgraduate Taught Modern History
TPSA-C8P4Postgraduate Taught MSc in Research Methods in Psychology
TMDS-B92TPostgraduate Taught Orthodontics with Supervised Dental Clinical Training
TPHA-V7P0Postgraduate Taught Philosophy
TPHS-V7P5Postgraduate Taught Philosophy and Ethics of Mental Health
TPHA-V7P7Postgraduate Taught Philosophy and Literature
TPHA-VL7HPostgraduate Taught Philosophy and Social Theory
TPOA-M1P0Postgraduate Taught Politics
TESS-H7PBPostgraduate Taught Process Business Management
TESS-H6P5Postgraduate Taught Process Technology and Business Management
TESS-H1ZWPostgraduate Taught Programme and Project Management
TESS-H1PEPostgraduate Taught Quality and Reliability
TSOA-L3PUPostgraduate Taught Racism and Globalisation
THIA-V8P1Postgraduate Taught Religious Social and Cultural History 1500-1750
THIA-V8P0Postgraduate Taught Religious and Social History1500-1700
TIEA-X30DPostgraduate Taught Religious Education
TIEA-X39PPostgraduate Taught Religious Education (Distance Learning)
TMDS-B95PPostgraduate Taught Research Methods in Health Sciences
RPHA-V7MNPostgraduate Taught Research Philosophy
TMDS-B92RPostgraduate Taught Restorative Dentistry
TMDS-B92SPostgraduate Taught Restorative Dentistry with Supervised Dental Clinical Training
TCHA-F1PEPostgraduate Taught Scientific Research and Communications
TMES-B9PBPostgraduate Taught Sexual and Reproductive Health Care (Community Gynaecology)
TSOA-L3P8Postgraduate Taught Social and Political Thought
THIA-V3P6Postgraduate Taught Social History of Medicine
TSOA-L3PEPostgraduate Taught Social Research
TASA-L5P1Postgraduate Taught Social Work
THIA-V1PGPostgraduate Taught Society and Culture in the Cold War
TLAA-M2P1Postgraduate Taught Socio-Legal Theory
TSOA-L3PDPostgraduate Taught Sociology
TSOA-L3P1Postgraduate Taught Sociology of Education
TSTA-G4P1Postgraduate Taught Statistics
THRA-D4A2Postgraduate Taught Sustainable Crop Production: Agronomy for the 21st Century
TCHA-F1P8Postgraduate Taught Synthetic Chemistry with Industrial Collaboration
TBSA-C1P9Postgraduate Taught Systems Biology
TENA-Q3P6Postgraduate Taught Translation and Transcultural Studies
TCLA-Q2P4Postgraduate Taught Translation Studies
TESA-H214Postgraduate Taught Tunnelling and Underground Space
RPCS-B9PTPrimary Health Care Management
TMHS-B902Public Health
RRSA-V1P1Renaissance Studies
RRSA-V1PBRenaissance Studies (Research)
RASA-L4PCSchool of Health and Social Studies Doctoral Programme
TSOA-L3PQSocial Research with Specialism in Gender and International Development
TMAA-G1P3Taught PG Mathematics Maths IMRP-MSc/PhD
TFRA-R1P3Taught Postgraduate French PG Diploma in French Studies
TSOA-L3L4Taught Postgraduate MA in Social Research with Specialism in Social Policy
TESS-H7P0Taught Postgraduate Manufacturing Systems Engineering
TPHA-V7P8Taught Postgraduate Philosophy (Diploma)
UIBA-NN35Undergraduate Accounting and Finance
UIBA-NN36Undergraduate Accounting and Finance (with Intercalated Year/Professional Partnership Programme)
UCXA-VV16Undergraduate Ancient History and Classical Archaeology
UMDA-A103Undergraduate Bachelor of Medical Science
UBSA-C700Undergraduate Biochemistry
UBSA-3Undergraduate Biological Sciences
UCHA-BF91Undergraduate Biomedical Chemistry
UCHA-B9F1Undergraduate Biomedical Chemistry with Intercalated Year
UBSA-C1B9Undergraduate Biomedical Science
UCHA-F1C1Undergraduate Chemical Biology MChem with Intercalated Year
UCHA-4Undergraduate Chemistry (with Intercalated Year) Variants
UCHA-3Undergraduate Chemistry 3 Year Variants
UCHA-FN11Undergraduate Chemistry and Business Studies
UCHA-F1N1Undergraduate Chemistry with Management
UCHA-F1N2Undergraduate Chemistry with Management (with Intercalated Year)
UCXA-Q820Undergraduate Classical Civilisation
UCXA-Q8V7Undergraduate Classical Civilisation with Philosophy
UCXA-Q821Undergraduate Classical Civilisation with Study in Europe
UAMA-Q405Undergraduate Comparative American Studies
UITA-R3R9Undergraduate Comparative Italian and European Studies with Integrated Year Abroad
UBSA-C190Undergraduate Computational Biology
UBSA-C191Undergraduate Computational Biology (with Intercalated Year)
UCSA-GN51Undergraduate Computer and Business Studies
UCSA-GN5AUndergraduate Computer and Business Studies (with Intercalated Year)
UCSA-G5N1Undergraduate Computer and Management Sciences
UCSA-G5NAUndergraduate Computer and Management Sciences (with Intercalated Year)
UCSA-G500Undergraduate Computer Science
UCSA-G502Undergraduate Computer Science (with Intercalated Year)
UCSA-G503Undergraduate Computer Science MEng
UCSA-G4G1Undergraduate Discrete Mathematics
UIEA-X311Undergraduate Early Childhood Studies
UIEA-X321Undergraduate Early Childhood Studies
UIE2-X325Undergraduate Early Childhood Studies (2+2)
UECA-LM1DUndergraduate Economics Politics and International Studies
UECA-3Undergraduate Economics 3 Year Variants
UECA-4Undergraduate Economics 4 Year Variants
UENA-QQ34Undergraduate English and American Literature
UFRA-QR3AUndergraduate English and French
UGEA-QR32Undergraduate English and German Literature
UITA-QR33Undergraduate English and Italian Literature
UCXA-QQ36Undergraduate English and Latin Literature
UTHA-QW34Undergraduate English and Theatre Studies
UENA-Q300Undergraduate English Literature
UENA-QP36Undergraduate English Literature and Creative Writing
UHRA-C150Undergraduate Environmental Biology
UIT2-T2R5Undergraduate European Studies (2+2)
UIT2-T2R3Undergraduate European Studies with Italian (2+2)
UFIA-QW25Undergraduate Film and Literature
UFIA-W620Undergraduate Film Studies
UFIA-W521Undergraduate Film with Television Studies
UFRA-RR12Undergraduate French and German Studies
UFRA-R1VAUndergraduate French and History
UHAA-RV13Undergraduate French and History of Art
UFRA-RR13Undergraduate French and Italian Studies
UFRA-R101Undergraduate French Studies
UFRA-R1RAUndergraduate French Studies with German
UFRA-R1RBUndergraduate French Studies with Italian
UFRA-R1WAUndergraduate French with Film Studies
UFRA-R1MAUndergraduate French with International Studies
UFRA-R1L3Undergraduate French with Sociology
UFRA-R1W4Undergraduate French with Theatre Studies
UWSA-LM69Undergraduate Gender & Cultural Studies
UGEA-RN21Undergraduate German and Business Studies
UGEA-R200Undergraduate German Studies
UGEA-RR23Undergraduate German Studies and Italian
UGEA-R2R1Undergraduate German Studies with French Studies
UGEA-R2R3Undergraduate German Studies with Italian
UGEA-R2M1Undergraduate German with International Studies
UGEA-R2R4Undergraduate German with Spanish
UHIA-V100Undergraduate History
UAMA-V230Undergraduate History Literature and Cultures of the Americas
UHIA-V101Undergraduate History (with Year Abroad)
UITA-R3V2Undergraduate History and Italian
UHIA-VM11Undergraduate History and Politics
UHIA-VM12Undergraduate History and Politics (with Year Abroad)
UHIA-VL13Undergraduate History and Sociology
UHIA-VL14Undergraduate History and Sociology (with Year Abroad)
UHAA-V400Undergraduate History of Art
UHAA-V401Undergraduate History of Art
UHAA-V3R1Undergraduate History of Art and French
UHAA-V3R3Undergraduate History of Art with Italian
UIBA-N140Undergraduate International Business
UITA-RQ38Undergraduate Italian and Classics
UITA-RQ32Undergraduate Italian and European Literature
UITA-R3W5Undergraduate Italian with Film Studies
UITA-R3R1Undergraduate Italian with French
UITA-R3R2Undergraduate Italian with German
UITA-R3M1Undergraduate Italian with International Studies
UITA-R3W4Undergraduate Italian with Theatre Studies
ULAA-M300Undergraduate Law
ULAA-M105Undergraduate Law (3 year) (Qualifying Degree)
ULAA-M301Undergraduate Law (4 Year)
ULAA-M106Undergraduate Law (4 year) (Qualifying Degree)
ULAA-M355Undergraduate Law (European)
ULAA-M107Undergraduate Law (European) Qualifying Degree
ULAA-M104Undergraduate Law (Year Abroad)
ULAA-M108Undergraduate Law (Year Abroad) QD
UIBA-MN31Undergraduate Law and Business Studies
UIBA-MN32Undergraduate Law and Business Studies
UIBA-MN37Undergraduate Law and Business Studies (Qualifying Degree) with Intercalated Year
UIBA-MN35Undergraduate Law and Business Studies with Intercalated Year (3+1)
UIBA-MN36Undergraduate Law and Business Studies with Intercalated Year (4+1)
ULAA-ML33Undergraduate Law and Sociology
UIBA-N100Undergraduate Management Sciences
UCHA-F107Undergraduate Master of Chemistry (with Intercalated Year)
UCHA-4MUndergraduate Master of Chemistry Variants
UCHA-F127Undergraduate Master of Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry(with Intercalated Year)
UMAA-G105Undergraduate Master of Mathematics (with Intercalated Year)
USTA-G300Undergraduate Master of Mathematics Operational Research Statistics and Economics
USTA-Y604Undergraduate Master of Mathematics Operational Research Statistics and Economics
USTA-G301Undergraduate Master of Mathematics Operational Research Statistics and Economics (with Intercalated
USTA-Y605Undergraduate Master of Mathematics Operational Research Statistics and Economics (with Intercalated
UMAA-G100Undergraduate Mathematics (BSc)
UMAA-G103Undergraduate Mathematics (MMath)
UMAA-G106Undergraduate Mathematics (MMath) with Study in Europe
UMAA-G1NCUndergraduate Mathematics and Business Studies
UMAA-G1N2Undergraduate Mathematics and Business Studies (with Intercalated Year)
UMAA-GL11Undergraduate Mathematics and Economics
UECA-GL12Undergraduate Mathematics and Economics (with Intercalated Year)
UMAA-GV17Undergraduate Mathematics and Philosophy
UMAA-GV18Undergraduate Mathematics and Philosophy with Intercalated Year
UMAA-GV19Undergraduate Mathematics and Philosophy with Specialism in Logic and Foundations
UPXA-FG33Undergraduate Mathematics and Physics (BSc MMathPhys)
UPXA-GF13Undergraduate Mathematics and Physics (BSc)
UPXA-FG32Undergraduate Mathematics and Physics (MMathPhys)
USTA-G1G3Undergraduate Mathematics and Statistics (BSc MMathStat)
USTA-GG14Undergraduate Mathematics and Statistics (BSc)
USTA-GGCKUndergraduate Mathematics and Statistics (MMathStat)
USTA-GG17Undergraduate Mathematics and Statistics (with Intercalated Year)
USTA-Y602Undergraduate Mathematics Operational Research Statistics and Economics
USTA-Y603Undergraduate Mathematics Operational Research Statistics Economics (with Intercalated Year)
UMAA-G1GNUndergraduate Mathematics with Computing
UMAA-G101Undergraduate Mathematics with Intercalated Year
UCHA-F147Undergraduate MChem Chemistry with Industrial Enviro Chem (with Intercalated Year)
UCHA-F108Undergraduate MChem Chemistry with Industrial Training
UCHA-F128Undergraduate MChem Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry with Industrial Training
UBSA-C526Undergraduate Medical Microbiology and Virology
UBSA-C527Undergraduate Medical Microbiology and Virology with Intercalated Year
UBSA-C520Undergraduate Microbiology and Virology
UPHA-V700Undergraduate Philosophy
UPHA-V7MLUndergraduate Philosophy Politics and Economics
UPHA-V7MMUndergraduate Philosophy Politics and Economics (with Intercalated year)
UPHA-V701Undergraduate Philosophy (wiith Intercalated year)
UPHA-VQ72Undergraduate Philosophy and Literature
UPHA-VL77Undergraduate Philosophy and Psychology
UPHA-V7Q8Undergraduate Philosophy with Classical Civilisation
UPHA-V7G5Undergraduate Philosophy with Computer Science
UPXA-F304Undergraduate Physics (BSc MPhys)
UPXA-F300Undergraduate Physics (BSc)
UPXA-F303Undergraduate Physics (MPhys)
UPXA-F3N1Undergraduate Physics and Business Studies
UPOA-M100Undergraduate Politics
UPOA-M101Undergraduate Politics (with Intercalated Year)
UPOA-ML13Undergraduate Politics and Sociology
UPOA-ML14Undergraduate Politics and Sociology (with Intercalated year)
UPOA-M1RCUndergraduate Politics with French
UPOA-M160Undergraduate Politics with International Studies
UPOA-M161Undergraduate Politics with International Studies (with Intercalated Year)
UPSA-C800Undergraduate Psychology
UPSA-LV77Undergraduate Psychology and Philosophy
USX2-Y202Undergraduate Social Studies [2 + 2]
USOA-LM39Undergraduate Sociology and Gender Studies
USOA-LL34Undergraduate Sociology with Social Policy
UITA-R3V3Undergraduate Taught Italian and History of Art
UTH2-Y311Undergraduate Theatre Film and Literature 2+2
UTH2-Y310Undergraduate Theatre Media and Text (2+2)
UTHA-W421Undergraduate Theatre and Performance Studies
TESA-H1P7WMG Postgraduate Taught Engineering Business Management
TESA-H7P5WMG Postgraduate Taught Manufacturing Systems Engineering
TESA-H1PVWMG Postgraduate Taught Quality and Reliability
TESA-H1ZCWMG Postgraduate Taught Supply Engineering and Logistics
TESA-H7PDWMG: Postgraduate Taught Supply Chain and Logistics Management (Home Fees)
TESS-H7PEWMG: Postgraduate Taught Supply Chain and Logistics Management (Overseas and Self-Financing)