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Warrington Collegiate

Winwick Road Campus, Winwick Road, Warrington, Cheshire, WA2 8QA

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Available Courses

AAAT11AAAAT - Advanced Apprenticeship
ACD311ALAAT Accounting Diploma Level 3
ACD312ALAAT Accounting Diploma Level 3 (2yrs) Year 1
ACD322ALAAT Accounting Diploma Level 3 (2yrs) Year 2
ACD412ALAAT Accounting Diploma Level 4
ACD422ALAAT Accounting Diploma Level 4
ACD411ALAAT Accounting Diploma Level 4
BGU411AFAAT level 4 Budgeting Unit
FPU411AFAAT level 4 Financial Performance unit
ICU400AFAAT level 4 Internal control & Accounting Systems Unit
BTU411AFAAT level 4 Optional Unit Business Tax
PTU411AFAAT level 4 Personal Tax unit
HAAT11AAAAT Technician NVQ Level 4
APD311ALAccess to HE - Health Profs
AHD311ALAccess to HE - Humanities&Social Science
ASD311ALAccess to HE - Social Work
TMD411ALAdd Dip in Teaching Maths (Numeracy) L5
AAAD11AAAdministration - Apprenticeship
AASH11AAAdv App Sporting Excellence (Handball)
ADX312ALArt & Design Extended Diploma
ADD311ALArt & Design Foundation Diploma
ADX322ALArt & Design Nat Extended Diploma
AUD312ALAudio Producer Level 3
AUD322ALAudio Producer Level 3
AWA311CFAward in Assess Comp in the Work Env L3
AWA311AFAward in Assess Voc Rel. Achievement L3
AWA311DFAward in Assessing Competence in the Work Environment (QCF)
AWA311BFAward in Princ & Pract of Assessing L3
AWA311EFAwd in Assess Vocationally Related Achvm
AABA11AABarbering - Apprenticeship
BWD311ALBricklaying Diploma Level 3
AABW11AABrickwork - Advanced Apprenticeship
COD312ALBTEC Diploma in Const & the Built Env L3
SCX312ALBTEC Extended Diploma in Applied Science
BUX312ALBusiness Extended Diploma Level 3
BUX322ALBusiness Extended Diploma Level 3
WPBA11AFBusiness Admin NVQ 3 -Workplace
CJD311ALC&J Diploma Level 3
CJN311AXC&J NVQ Level 3 (CITB)
AACJ11AACarpentry & Joinery-AA
CEHU11AFCert Ed unit -ED4402
CEHU11BFCert Ed unit -ED5401&ED5402
AWC311AFCert in Assessing Voc Achievement L3
AWC311BFCert in Assessing Voc Achievement L3
IHC311AFCert in Indian Head Massage (QCF) L3
STC312ALCert in Supp T&L in Schools (QCF) L3
TLC411ALCert in Tchg in the Lifelong Lrng Sector
TLC411BLCert in Tchg in the Lifelong Lrng Sector
CECH12AHCertificate in Education PT (DTLSS)
CECH22AHCertificate in Education PT (DTLSS)
SMC311ALCertificate in Sports Massage Level 3
SMC411AFCertificate in Sports Massage Level 4
BMC311AFCertificate in Swedish Massage (QCF) L3
AACC11AAChild Care - Advanced Apprenticeship
CCC312ALChild Care Lrng & Dev. BTEC Nat Cert L3
CCD312ALChild Care Lrng & Dev. BTEC Nat Dip L3
CCD322ALChild Care Lrng & Dev. BTEC Nat Dip L3
CAC311AFComputer Aided Design Certificate L3
COX312ALConstruction Extended Diploma Level 3
COX322ALConstruction Extended Diploma Level 3
COS311ALConstruction Subsidiary Diploma Level 3
PSVH11AHConversion HNC to HND Public Services with Criminology
CND412AFCounselling Diploma Level 4
CND422ALCounselling Diploma Level 4
CNC311AFCounselling Skills Certificate
AACS11AACustomer Service - Advanced App
CCD300ALDip for the Child & Yng Peoples Wkforce
CCD312BLDip for the Child & Yng Peoples Wkforce
CCD322BLDip for the Child & Yng Peoples Wkforce
BTD311BLDip in Bty Therapy Techniques (QCF) L3
STD311ALDip in Spec Supp for T&L in Sc L3(TopUp)
STD312AFDip in Spec Supp for T&L in Schools L3
BTD311ALDiploma in Body and Spa Therapy L3
HAD311ALDiploma in Hair and Media Make-up L3
PSD322ALDiploma in Public Services (QCF) L3
AAEL11DAElec Installation - Advanced App
ADEL11AAElectrical Installation - Advanced App
ELN311ALElectrical Installation NVQ 3
ETN3EXAMElectrical Installation NVQ3 - Reg Only
ETC322ALElectrical Installation Tech Cert Lvl 3
EED312ALElectrical/Electronic Eng Dip (QCF) L3
EED322ALElectrical/Electronic Eng Dip (QCF) L3
EEX312ALElectronics Extended Diploma L3
EEX322ALElectronics Extended Diploma L3
ETC311ALElectrotechnical Technology Cert L3
ETC322CFElectrotechnical Technology Cert L3
ETC311BLElectrotechnical Technology Cert L3(Eve)
ETC322BFElectrotechnical Technology Cert L3(Eve)
ENS311ALEngineering Subsidiary Diploma (QCF) L3
FNX322ALFashion & Clothing Extended Diploma
FNX312ALFashion & Clothing Nat Extended Diploma
FLD311ALFloristry Diploma Level 3
FSA300AFFood Safety Supervision Level 3
GDX312ALGames Dev Creative Media Nat Ext Dip
GDX322ALGames Development Creative Media Ext Dip
AAHS11AAH&SC L3-Advanced Apprenticeship
AAHR11AAHairdressing - Advanced Apprenticeship
HAN311ALHairdressing NVQ Diploma Level 3
HSD312ALHealth & Social Care Diploma (QCF) L3
HSX312ALHealth & Social Care Extended Diploma
HSX322ALHealth & Social Care Extended Diploma
HSD300BFHealth & Social Care Level 3-Fililpinos
BMC412AHHNC Business and Management (Year 1)
BMC422AHHNC Business and Management (Year 1)
CDCH12AHHNC Computing and Systems Development
CDCH12BHHNC Computing and Systems Development
COCH12AHHNC Construction (2 Yrs)
COCH22AHHNC Construction (2 Yrs)
CODH11AHHNC to HND Construction (conversion)
BMD411AHHND Business and Management (Year 1)
EEDH11AHHND Electrical & Electronic Conversion
PSDH22AHHND Public Services with Criminology (Year 2)
PSDH12AHHND Public Services with Criminology-2yr
PSDH13AHHND Public Services with Criminology-3yr
AAHO11AAHosp Supervision-Advanced Apprenticeship
HCX312ALHotel & Restaurant Sup Nat Ext Dip
HCX322ALHotel & Restaurant Sup Nat Ext Dip
HRC511AFHuman Resource Management Level 5
HRC511BFHuman Resource Management Level 5
HRC511CFHuman Resource Management Level 5
HRC311AFHuman Resource Practice Certificate L3
HRC311BFHuman Resource Practice Certificate L3
HRC311CFHuman Resource Practice Certificate L3
ITX312ALICT Extended Diploma
ITX322ALICT BTEC National Extended Diploma
GDGH24AHICT Foundation Degree (Games Devlopment)
GDGH22AHICT Foundation Degree (Games Devlpment)
FLA311AFILM Award in First Line Management
FLA311BFILM Award in First Line Management
FLA311CFILM Award in First Line Management
FLA311DFILM Award in First Line Management
FLC311BFILM Cert in 1st Line Manage -Progression
FLC311AFILM Certificate in First Line Management
FLC311CFILM Certificate in First Line Management
FLC311DFILM Certificate in First Line Management
MGA411AFILM Level 4 Award in Managment (Fundable)
MGA411BFILM Level 4 Award in Managment (Fundable)
MGA411CFILM Level 4 Award in Managment (Fundable)
MGC411AFILM Level 4 Certificate in Managment
MGC411BFILM Level 4 Certificate in Managment
MGA511AFILM Level 5 Award in Managment (fundable)
ITGH22AHInformation Tech Fdn Deg (CCNA)(2Yr)
ITGH24AHInformation Tech Fdn Deg (CCNA)(4 Yrs)PT
ITGH34AHInformation Tech Fdn Deg (CCNA)(4 Yrs)PT
AWA411AFInt Qlty Ass of Ass Proc & Prac Award L4
AWA411BFInt Qlty Ass of Ass Proc & Prac Award L4
AWC411AFInt Qlty Ass of Ass Proc & Prac Cert L4
AWA411CFInt Qlty Ass of Ass Proc & Prac L4
IMX322ALInteractive Media Extended Diploma Lvl 3
IMX312ALInteractive Media National Extended Dip
AAIT11AAIT Application Specialist Apprenticeship
TGI310ALITQ Level 3 Train To Gain
LMN500AFLeadership & Mangment Care Services L5
WPCC11AFLevel 3 Diploma for the Children and Young People's Workforce
AAOM11AALogistics Operations Management -Adv App
AAMG11AAManagement - Advanced Apprenticeship
MEX322ALMedia Extended Diploma
MEX312ALMedia National Extended Diploma
AAHV11AAMotor Vehicle (Heavy)-Adv Apprenticeship
AAMV11AAMotor Vehicle (Light)- Advanced Apprenticeship
AANS11AANail Services - Advanced Apprenticeship
AVD322ALNational Certificate in Aviation Ops
AVD312ALNational Diploma in Aviation Ops L3
TUC11NCANEBOSH Gen Cert Occupational H&S L3
TUC11NCBNEBOSH Gen Cert Occupational H&S L3
NUA311AFNutriton for Physical Activity Level 3
BNN311ALNVQ Diploma in Nail Services (QCF) L3
DRN321AFNVQ3 Dip in Passenger Carrying Vehicle Driving Instruction (QCF)
PDD311ALP&D Diploma Level 3
PTX312ALPerf Arts Ext Dip - Musical Theatre
PTX322ALPerf Arts Ext Dip - Musical Theatre
PNX312ALPerforming Arts Extended Dip - Dance
PNX322ALPerforming Arts Dance Extended Diploma 3
PCX312ALPerforming Arts Nat Ext Dip - Acting
PCX322ALPerforming Arts Nat Ext Dip - Acting
PMD312ALPerforming Musician
PMD322ALPerforming Musician
PTC311ALPersonal Training
PGCH12AHPGC in Education
PGCH22AHPGC in Education
PHC311ALPhoto Cert L3-Crime Scene Investigate
PHX312ALPhotography Extended Diploma level 3
AAPL11AAPlumbing - Advanced Apprenticeship
PLC322ALPlumbing Studies Cert Level 3 (Eve)
PLC311ALPlumbing Studies Certificate Level 3
PLC321ALPlumbing Studies Certificate Level 3
PLC311AFPlumbing Studies Certificate Level 3-Tech Cert
PTA311AFPrepare to Teach in Lifelong Lrn Sec Lv3
PTA311BFPrepare to Teach in Lifelong Lrn Sec Lv3
PTA311CFPrepare to Teach in Lifelong Lrn Sec Lv3
PTA311DFPrepare to Teach in Lifelong Lrn Sec Lv3
PTA311GFPrepare to Teach in Lifelong Lrn Sec Lv3
PKD312ALProduction Arts Make Up Diploma Level 3
PKS311ALProduction Arts Make Up Nat Subsid Dip
MKC411CFProf Cert -Assess Market Environ (Mod3)
MKC411AFProf Cert -Marketing Essentials (Mod 1)
MKC411DFProf Cert -Stakeholder Marketng (Mod 4)
MKC411FFProf Cert -Stakeholder Marktng (M4) Prog
MKC411BFProf Cert-Info & Research (M 2)
MKC411EFProf Cert-Info & Research (M 2) Progress
AAPC11AAProf Cookery - Advanced Apprenticeship
MKD411BFProf Dip Delver Customer Value (Mod2)
MKD411AFProf Dip-Marketing Planning Proc. (Mod1)
HCN322ALProfessional Cook NVQ Level 3 (PartTime)
HCN311ALProfessional Cook NVQ Level 3(Full Time)
HCN312ALProfessional Cook NVQ Level 3(Part Time)
PSD312ALPublic Services Diploma
PSX312ALPublic Services Ext Dip
PSX322ALPublic Services Ext Dip
AARE11AARetail - Apprenticeship L3
AARS11AARetail - Apprenticeship L3 (Sales Prof)
UCU311AFShaving & Face Massage Level 3 (2 units)
SPX312ALSport BTEC Extended Diploma Level 3
SPX322ALSports Extended Diploma Level 3
TTX312ALTravel & Tourism Extended Diploma Level 3
TTX322ALTravel & Tourism Extended Diploma Lvl 3
MVD311ALVehicle Maintenance Repair Level 3
HWD311ALWomen's Hairdressing Diploma (QCF) Level 3
ISD411BHWork Based Integrated Studies