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Wirral Metropolitan College

Conway Park Campus, Birkenhead, Merseyside, CH41 4NT

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Available Courses

D049C001AAAAT Level 3 Certificate in Accounting
D050C001AAAAT Level 4 Certificate in Accounting
S076C001AAAccess to Higher Education - Applied Science
A019C001AAAccess to Higher Education - Art and Design
J004C001AAAccess to Higher Education - Health
J052D001AAAccess to Higher Education - Health (Part-time)
Y001C001AAAccess to Higher Education - Humanities
Y002C001AAAccess to Higher Education - Humanities (Part-time
S029C001AAAccess to Higher Education - Medical Science
S026C001AAAccess to Higher Education - Research & Laboratory
S027C002AAAccess to Higher Education - Science (Evening)
J006C002AAAccess to Higher Education - Social Work
B019C001AAAssessor Award - A1
Z028C001AABA (Hons) Combined Studies Cultural Studies
A006C001AABA (Hons) Fine Art
A007D001AABA (Hons) Fine Art (Part-time)
A026D001AABA (Hons) Illustration with Animation
A027D001AABA (Hons) Illustration with Animation (Part-time)
P006D001AABA (Hons) Media Studies
P007D001AABA (Hons) Media Studies (Part-time)
Z042C001AABritish Sign Language - Level 3 (Introduction)
Z037C001AABritish Sign Language - NVQ Level 3
J007C001AABSc Hons Psychology (2 plus 2)
S005C001AABTEC Higher National Certificate Applied Chemistry
B015D001AABTEC Higher National Certificate Business Studies
R034C001AABTEC Higher National Certificate Construction
E006C001AABTEC Higher National Certificate Operations Engine
K002C001AABTEC Higher National Certificate Public Services
K019D001AABTEC Higher National Diploma Public Services
R035C001AABTEC Level 3 Diploma Construction and the Built Environment
R036C001AABTEC Level 3 Diploma Construction and the Built Environment
C052C001AABTEC Level 3 Diploma IT
L024C001AABTEC Level 3 National Diploma in Aviation Operatio
S014C001AABTEC Level 3 Nationals in Applied Science (2 A Lev
S052C002ADBTEC Level 3 Nationals in Applied Science (Forensic)
B014C001AABTEC Level 3 Nationals in Business QCF
P030B001ACBTEC Level 3 Nationals in Creative Media Production
A017C001ACBTEC Level 3 Nationals in Diploma Art and Design Q
J027B001ADBTEC Level 3 Nationals in Health and Social Care Q
P015B001AGBTEC Level 3 Nationals in Music QCF
E040C001AABTEC Level 3 Nationals in Operations and Maintenan
K007B001ADBTEC Level 3 Nationals in Outdoor Education QCF
P014B001ACBTEC Level 3 Nationals in Performing Arts (Dance)
P016B001ADBTEC Level 3 Nationals in Performing Arts (Perform
K009B001ADBTEC Level 3 Nationals in Sport and Exercise Scien
R141C001AABTEC Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma Construction and the Built Environment
N009C001AACACHE Level 3 Diploma for the Children and Young P
N019C001AACACHE NVQ 3 Childrens Care Learning and Developmen
N021C001AACACHE NVQ 3 Playwork
N048C001AACACHE NVQ 3 Supporting Teaching and Learning
R040C001AACertificate Energy Efficiency for Domestic Heating
B016C001AACertificate in Education Professional Graduate Cer
D018C001AACIPD Certificate in Human Resources Practice
C003C001AACISCO Network Academy (Semester 1 Networking Basic
C004C001AACISCO Network Academy (Semester 2 Routers and Rout
C005C001AACISCO Network Academy (Semester 3 Switching Basics
C006C001AACISCO Network Academy (Semester 4 WAN Technologies
R031C001AACity and Guilds 2330 Level 3 Electro-Technical Cer
R025C001AACity and Guilds 2391 Inspection and Testing of Fix
R116C001AACity and Guilds 2392 Fundamental Inspection Testin
R026C001AACity and Guilds 2400 Design Erection & Verificatio
R010C001AACity and Guilds 4353-02 Computer Aided Design (CAD
R044C001AACity and Guilds 6129 Plumbing Technical Certificat
B018C001AACity and Guilds 7303 Award Preparing to Teach in t
B034C001AACity and Guilds 7304 Certificate in Teaching in th
L009C001AACity and Guilds Advanced National Diploma Travel a
J014C001AACPCAB Certificate Counselling Studies Level 3
R133C001AAEDEXCEL Level 6 NVQ Diploma in Construction Site M
C048C001AAFoundation Degree Information Communication Techn
N038D001AAFoundation Degree Early Years Senior Practitioner
S046D001AAFoundation Degree Forensic Science
S050C001AAFoundation Degree Forensic Science (Part-time)
E051D001AAFoundation Degree Process and Plant Engineering
N012C001AAFoundation Degree Working with Children and Young
A016C001AAFoundation Diploma Art and Design
R093C001AAGas Appliance Assessment
R092C001AAGas Core Assessment
R109C001AAGas Portfolio Building
R091C001AAGas Refresher Training
G011C001AAHair Extensions
G005C002AAHairdressing - Advanced Cutting
G042C001AAHairdressing - Creative Colour
R023C001AAIEE Wiring Regulations 17th Edition City and Guild
R064C001AAIEE Wiring Regulations 17th Edition Update
R064C003AAIEE Wiring Regulations 17th Edition Update
D044C001AAILM Award in First Line Management
C021C001AAInstalling configuring and administering Microsoft
B011C001ABLevel 3 Administration
E050C001AALevel 3 Advanced Diploma Engineering (14 - 19 Dipl
R078C001AALevel 3 Diploma Bricklaying
R111C001AALevel 3 Diploma Bricklaying (Part-time)
R081C001AALevel 3 Diploma Carpentry and Joinery
R120C001AALevel 3 Diploma Carpentry and Joinery (Part-time)
G059C001AALevel 3 Diploma Complementary Therapies
R075C001AALevel 3 Diploma Painting and Decorating
R123C001AALevel 3 Diploma Painting and Decorating (Part-time
R072C001AALevel 3 Diploma Plastering
J011C001AALevel 4 Diploma Integrative Counselling
G050C001AALevel 4 Higher Professional Certificate Technical
C017C001AAManaging and Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Serve
E025C001AAMotor Cycle Engineering Level 3 (IMI)
E041C001AAMotor Vehicle Engineering (Maintenance and Repair)
J040B001ADMulti-Professional Cadets Scheme Level 3
K012C001AANCFE Pre-Uniformed Services Level 3
S081C002AANEBOSH Certificate Fire Safety and Risk Management
S082C002AANEBOSH Diploma Environmental Management
S083C005AANEBOSH General Certificate (Daytime) Unit NGC1
S084C005ABNEBOSH General Certificate (Daytime) Units NGC2 and 3
S085C001AANEBOSH General Certificate (Evening) Unit NGC1
S086C001AANEBOSH General Certificate (Evening) Units NGC2 and 3
S087C001AANEBOSH National Certificate Construction Safety
S088C003AANEBOSH National Certificate Environmental Management
S089C002AANEBOSH National Diploma Unit A
S090C002AANEBOSH National Diploma Unit B
S091C002AANEBOSH National Diploma Unit C
S092C001AANEBOSH National Diploma Unit D
Z030C002AANVQ 3 Advice and Guidance
G026C001ABNVQ 3 Beauty Therapy (2 days per week)
R006C001AANVQ 3 Bricklaying
R021C001ABNVQ 3 Carpentry and Joinery
J030C001AANVQ 3 Dental Nursing
R067C001AANVQ 3 Electrical
E035C001AANVQ 3 Fabrication and Welding Competences
G039C001AANVQ 3 Hairdressing
G023C001ABNVQ 3 Hairdressing (Part-time)
J064C001AANVQ 3 Health and Social Care
S020C001AANVQ 3 Laboratory and Associated Technical Activiti
D020C001AANVQ 3 Management - Work Based
R058C001AANVQ 3 MES (Plumbing) - Conversion
R115C001AANVQ 3 MES (Plumbing) - Employer Responsive
R054C001ABNVQ 3 Painting and Decorating
H020C001AANVQ 3 Professional Chefs - Food Preparation and Co
H019C001AANVQ 3 Professional Chefs - Food Preparation and Cooking
D040C001AANVQ 4 Administration - Work Based
Z032C001AANVQ 4 Advice and Guidance
S021C001AANVQ 4 Laboratory and Associated Technical Activiti
J065C001AANVQ 4 Leadership and Management for Care Services
D021C001AANVQ 4 Management - Work Based
D002C001AANVQ Customer Service Level 3 - Work Based
S110C001AANVQ Health - Pathology Support Level 3
M035C001AANVQ IT Users (ITQ) Level 3 (Work Based Assessment)
D004C001AANVQ Level 3 Business Administration - Work Based
S097C001AANVQ Level 3 Chemical Pharmaceutical and Petro-Chem
S094C001AAProcess Technology Units Level 3 - Workbased
R061C003AAUnvented Hot Water Cylinders
G045C001AAVTCT Epilation Diploma
G035C001AAVTCT Indian Head Massage Diploma (12 weeks)
G034C001AAVTCT Indian Head Massage Diploma (22 weeks)
G040C001AAVTCT Level 3 Diploma Sports Massage
G061C001AAVTCT Level 4 Diploma Sports Massage
G054C001AAVTCT Reflexology Advanced
P003C002AAWeb Design using Dreamweaver