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Worcester College of Technology

Worcester Open Learning Unit, 2nd Floor, 99 High Street, Worcester, Worcestershire, WR1 2HW

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Available Courses

0109027-12D Computer Aided Draughting (Autocad) CG 7579 Level 2
0402003-13a - Certificate for IT Users (ITQ) (QCF)Level 3
0402011-13b - Diploma for IT Users (iTQ)( QCF) Level 3
0806019-1AAT Diploma for Accounting Technicians Level 3
0806P35-1AAT Diploma for Accounting Technicians Level 4
08A-ACCA-KACCA Advanced Taxation 3.2
08A-ACCA-EACCA Professional - F4 Corporate and Business Law
08A-ACCA-CACCA Professional Examinations - F1 Accountant in Business
08A-ACCA-BACCA Professional Examinations - F2 Management Accounting
08A-ACCA-AACCA Professional Examinations - F3 Financial Accounting
08A-ACCA-DACCA Professional Examinations - F5 Performance Management
08A-ACCA-FACCA Professional Examinations - F6 Taxation
08A-ACCA-HACCA Professional Examinations - F7 Financial Reporting
08A-ACCA-IACCA Professional Examinations - F8 Audit and Assurance
08A-ACCA-GACCA Professional Examinations - F9 Financial Management
0601011-1Access to HE Diploma (All Courses)
0609006-1Access to HE Diploma (Evening)
0605002-1Access to HE Diploma (P/T- Jan Start)
0605007-1Access to HE Diploma (P/T- Sept Start)
0309003-4Accessing the WAN Cisco CCNA4
0705084-1Advanced Diploma in Counselling
0501022-1Advanced Diploma Travel & Tourism Level 3
0909012-1AAdvanced Photography Award
0909012-1BAdvanced Photography Award
0501031-1Advanced Professional Cookery VRQ Level 3
0609LL2-1AAS Level English Language & Literature
0901006-1Beauty Therapy NVQ Level 3
0206047-1Brickwork CAA Construction Diploma Level 3
0206002-1BTEC Dip Construction & the Built Environment (Building)
0301003-1CBTEC Dip for IT Professionals (S/W Development & Gaming)
0101019-1BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Engineering
0105006-1Certificate in Electrical Technology Eng
0106008-1ACertificate in Electrotechnical Technology C&G 2330 Level 3
0109016-1Certificate in Electrotechnical Technology C&G 2330 Level 3
0909032-1Certificate in Swedish Massage VTCT Level 3
0510005-1Certificate in Travel ABTAC Level 3
0805005-1CIM Introductory Certificate in Marketing
08A-MKTC-DCIM Prof Cert in Marketing Marketing Information & Research
08A-MKTC-BCIM Prof Cert Marketing Assessing the Marketing Environment
08A-MKTD-CCIM Prof Diploma in Marketing - Delivering Customer Value
08A-MKTD-ACIM Prof Diploma in Marketing - Marketing Planning Process
08A-MKTD-BCIM Prof Diploma in Marketing - Project Management
08A-MKTC-CCIM Professional Cert in Marketing - Marketing Essentials
0809P74-2CIM Professional Certificate in Marketing
08A-MKTC-ACIM Professional Certin Marketing - Stakeholder Marketing
08A-MKTD-DCIM Professional Diploma in Marketing - Managing Marketing
08A-CIMA-DCIMA Adv Dip Management Accounting F1 Financial Operations
08A-CIMA-ACIMA Adv Dip Management Accounting Enterprise Management
08A-CIMA-ECIMA Adv Dip Management Accounting - F2 Financial Management
08A-CIMA-CCIMA Adv Dip Management Accounting E1 Enterprise Operations
08A-CIMA-BCIMA Adv Dip Management Accounting Performance Operations
08A-CIMA-FCIMA Adv Dipl Management Accounting Performance Management
08A-CIMC-BCIMA Cert in Business Accounting - Business Mathematics
08A-CIMC-CCIMA Cert in Business Accounting - Economics
08A-CIMC-ACIMA Cert in Business Accounting - Ethics
08A-CIMC-DCIMA Cert in Business Accounting - Financial Accounting
08A-CIMC-ECIMA Cert in Business Accounting - Management Accounting
0810P20-1CIPD Adv Dipl in Human Resource Management (Open Learning)
0806P67-1CIPD Adv Diploma in Human Resource Management
0806P65-1CIPD Certificate in Human Resource Management
0809069-1CIPD Certificate in Learning & Development Practice
0810P20-2CIPD Professional Development Scheme Year 3 (Open Learning)
0806P37-1CMI Diploma in Management and Leadership Level 5
0806P38-1CMI Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership Level 7
0805057-1CMI Level 5 Award Management and Leadership
0805056-1CMI Level 5 Certificate Management and Leadership
0805055-1CMI Level 7 Award Strategic Management and Leadership
0805054-1CMI Level 7 Certificate Strategic Management and Leadership
0901020-1Coming soon - Extended Diploma Photography Level 3
0305025-1CompTIA A+
0305035-1Configuring Window 7
0305034-1Configuring Windows Server 2008 Network Infrastructure
0201029-1Construction Diploma Level 3 Brickwork
CM0513-1Customer Service NVQ Level 3
0106029-1Diploma in Manufacturing Engineering Level 3
0106002-1Diploma Engineering C&G Level 3 7578-03 (was C&G2800)
0106028-1Diploma in Mechanical Engineering Level 3
0909031-1Diploma in Aromatherapy VTCT Level 3
0106031-1Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering Level 3
0101018-1Diploma in Engineering Level 2
0105042-1Diploma in Operations/Maintenance Engineering Level 3
0401047-1Diploma in Public Services Level 3
0501015-1BDiploma in Sport & Exercise Science Level 3
0501010-1BDiploma in Sport Development
0501018-1Diploma in Sport Performance - Football Academy Level 3
0501015-1ADiploma in Sports Performance & Excellence Level 3
0705022-1Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling Level 4
0501032-1Diploma in Travel & Tourism Level 3
0705029-1DTLLS PGCE/Certificate in Education (PCE)
0309029-1Dynamic Web Design
0301003-1AExt Dip for IT Professionals (Networking & Systems Support)
0301003-1BExt Diploma for IT Professionals (S/W Apps and Multimedia)
0701004-1Extended Dip Health & Social Care (Health Studies Option)
0701017-1Extended Diploma Health & Social Care (Social Care Option)
0301002-1Extended Diploma in Applied Science Level 3
0901018-1Extended Diploma in Art & Design Level 3
0201028-1Extended Diploma in Building Services Engineering
0401005-1Extended Diploma in Business Level 3
0201002-1Extended Diploma in Construction Level 3
0901016-1Extended Diploma in Creative Media Production Level 3
0901014-1Extended Diploma in Fashion & Clothing with Textiles Level 3
0901013-1Extended Diploma in Graphic Design Level 3
0601013-1Extended Diploma in Music Technology
0601008-1Extended Diploma in Performing Arts Level 3
0401043-1Extended Diploma in Public Services Level 3
0501010-1AExtended Diploma in Sport Development
0503P03-1Foundation Degree Culinary Skills and Kitchen Management
0105P41-1Foundation Degree Electrical Systems & Installation
0105P37-1Foundation Degree Electronics and Control
0901P06-1Foundation Degree Fashion and Surface Pattern
0505P09-1Foundation Degree Fitness Training and Healthy Lifestyle
0801P04-1AFoundation Degree in Business (Accounting) F/T
0805P04-1AFoundation Degree in Business (Accounting) P/T
0801P04-1BFoundation Degree in Business (Human Resources) F/T
0805P04-1BFoundation Degree in Business (Human Resources) P/T
0801P04-1CFoundation Degree in Business (Marketing) F/T
0805P04-1CFoundation Degree in Business (Marketing) P/T
0503P01-1Foundation Degree in Healthy Lifestyles
0805P03-1AFoundation Degree in Service Sector Management (Hospitality)
0805P03-1CFoundation Degree in Service Sector Management (Hospitality)
0805P03-1BFoundation Degree in Service Sector Management (Retail P/T
0503P02-1Foundation Degree in Sport Tourism
0105P39-1Foundation Degree Manufacturing
0105P40-1Foundation Degree Mechanical Engineering
0601P04-1Foundation Degree Popular Music Technology
0505P10-1Foundation Degree Sports (Tourism) Coaching and Development
0901007-1Foundation Diploma in Art & Design Level 3 & 4
1007FRAS-1French AS Level
0905011-1Hairdressing NVQ 3 (VTCT)
0901004-1Hairdressing NVQ Level 3
0705034-1Health and Social Care (Adult Care) NVQ Level 3
0705073-1Health and Social Care (Adult Care) NVQ Level 4
0705P02-1HNC Advanced Practice in Work with Children and Families
0206P03-1HNC Building Studies
0206P01-1HNC Civil Engineering
0106P31-1HNC Engineering (Electrical / Electronic)
0106P28-1HNC Engineering (Manufacturing)
0106P29-1HNC Engineering (Mechanical)
0106P33-1HNC Engineering (Operations Engineering)
0905P03-1HNC Graphic Design (Part-Time)
0306P09-1HNC in Computing and Systems BTEC L4
0601P02-1HNC Performing Arts
0306P08-1HNC Science (Applied Biology)
0306P07-1HNC Science (Applied Chemistry)
0105P05-1HNC to FD Progression (Elects Control)
0705P08-1HNC to HND Adv Practice in Work with Children and Families
0205P02-1HNC to HND Top Up in Civil Engineering
0305P02-1HNC to HND Top-Up Computing PT
0205P01-1HNC to HND Top-Up Construction
0105P01-1HNC to HND Top-Up Engineering
0105P02-1HNC to HND Top-Up Man Engineering
0901P07-1HNC/D Graphic Design
0701P02-1HND Advanced Practice in Work with Children and Families
0301P01-1AHND Computing (Information Systems)
0301P01-1BHND Computing (Networking & Systems Support)
0301P01-1CHND Computing (Software Development)
0201P01-1HND Construction
0901P02-1HND Design (Theatrical Make-up & Costume)
0101P05-1AHND Electrical Engineering
0101P05-1BHND Electronic Engineering
0905P04-1HND Graphic Design (Part Time)
0401P01-1HND in Public Services
0801P02-1HND Law
0101P04-1HND Manufacturing Engineering
0101P02-1HND Mechanical Engineering
TG07013-1Hospitality Supervision NVQ Level 3
0409007-1IAB Diploma in Accounting and Advanced Book-keeping Level 3
0409050-1IAB Diploma in Computerised Accounting Level 3
08A-ILD-BILEX Cert in Law Level 6 Employment Law (Distance Learning)
08A-ILD-AILEX Cert Law Level 6 - Civil Litigation (Distance Learning)
08A-ILE-AILEX Certificate in Law Level 6 - Civil Litigation
08A-ILE-OILEX Certificate in Law Level 6 - Client Care Skills
08A-ILE-BILEX Certificate in Law Level 6 - Contract Law
08A-ILE-CILEX Certificate in Law Level 6 - Conveyancing Practice
08A-ILE-DILEX Certificate in Law Level 6 - Criminal Law
08A-ILE-EILEX Certificate in Law Level 6 - Equity and Trusts
08A-ILE-HILEX Certificate in Law Level 6 - Family Law
08A-ILE-GILEX Certificate in Law Level 6 - Land Law
08A-ILE-NILEX Certificate in Law Level 6 - Legal Research Skills
08A-ILE-KILEX Certificate in Law Level 6 - Tort Law
0805059-1ILEX Graduate 'Fast-Track' Diploma 1 Year
0805038-1ILEX Professional Diploma in Law and Practice Level 3
0905004-1Indian Head Massage Diploma (VTCT)
0105027-1Installing Electrotechnical Systems C&G 2356-31 NVQ Level 3
0109006-1Introduction to Programmable Logic Control
CM0517-1IOSH Managing Safely Certificate
0506003-1AL3 NVQ Dip in Professional Cookery (Preparation and Cooking)
0506001-1L3 NVQ Dipl in Professional Cookery (Patisserie and Cookery)
0309003-3LAN Switching and Wireless Cisco CCNA3
0905002-1Level 3 & 4 Foundation Diploma in Art & Design (Part Time)
0201031-1Level 3 Construction Diploma (Wood Occupations - Site)
0201030-1Level 3 Construction Diploma Wood
0701018-1Level 3 Diploma Health & Social Care
0206009-1Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Trowel Occupations
0206022-1Level 3 NVQ Diploma Wood Occupations (Bench)
TG07010-1Management NVQ Level 3
TG07020-1Management NVQ Level 4
0109048-1AMotorcycle Maintenance
0206004-1Nat Dip Construction & the Built Environment (Civil En)
0701019-1National Certificate CCLD
0701005-1National Programme in Children's Care
0209025-1NEBOSH National General Certificate
0309003-1Network Fundamentals Cisco CCNA1
0206011-1Plumbing C&G NVQ Level 3 Day Release
0109002-1Portable Appliance Testing C&G 2377
0109002-2Portable Appliance Testing C&G 2377
0705020-3PTLLS Prep For Teaching & Learning
0309003-2Routing Protocols and Concepts Cisco CCNA2
0705051-1Social Care (Working with Children and Young People) L3
0707020-1Social Care (working with Children and Young People) L4
0305032-1Subsidiary Diploma Applied Science (Biology) Level 3
0305031-1Subsidiary Diploma Applied Science (Chemistry) Level 3
0305033-1Subsidiary Diploma Applied Science (Physics) Level 3
0301005-1Subsidiary Diploma for IT Professionals Level 3
0705042-1Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools C&G NVQ Level 3
0507012-1Tour Guiding Certificate CG Level 3
CM0501-3V1 Internal Verifier Award
0101029-1Vehicle Maintenance and Repair (Light Vehicle) VRQ Level 3
0101028-1Vehicle Maintenance and Repair (Motorcycle Route)
0309008-1Web Design Using Dreamweaver
0109024-1Wiring Regs C&G 2382-10 17th Edition (BS7671-2008)
0109047-1Wiring Regs Up date C&G 2382-20 17th Edition (BS7671-2008)
0206043-1Wood Occupations (Bench) CAA Construction Diploma Level 3
0206042-1Wood Occupations (Site) CAA Construction Diploma Level 3
0206006-1Wood Occupations (Site) CAA NVQ Level 3