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CTLLS stands for the certificate in teaching in the lifelong learning sector and is the equivalent of the first part of a DTLLS (full teaching) course. CTLLS is awarded to all trained individuals who will be teaching under a less important role than teaching mainstream educations and curriculum based teaching.

This CTLLS course is suitable for those wishing to do part time, relaxed or teaching assistant jobs, as this enables them to limited access to teaching methods as far as other courses are concerned such as DTLLS.

Applicants of the CTLLS course must be aged 19 and over, have decent literacy and numeracy skills to ensure that they are able to share these with potential learners in the future.

During this course, you will also be required to do 30 hours of unpaid teaching, where 3 hours will be observed to ensure that you are getting to grips and taking in all the given information regarding the course. This will also give the invigilators a better idea of your potential.

All the tutors of our CTLLS courses are friendly and professionals individuals who are very approachable and will be more than happy to answer any questions you have about or during the course.