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Here at our ELC learning providers directory, we specialise in listing enhanced learning credits providers and private organisations for members of the Armed Forces. Our directory can help you to find an educational institute in the UK who provides the required course(s) to suit your requirements.

HM Forces

If you have been serving in the HM forces and are looking to leave for resettlement, then our experts will be more than happy to help you with all aspects of getting back on your feet in the civilian world. We specialise in resettling ex HM forces members and helping them to find jobs, courses and places to live once they have left the forces.

Whether you have come to the end of your service in the HM forces, you are resettling due to a medical condition or you have handed in your notice, we will be able to offer you a range of suitable solutions and will even consider your family in the relevant cases. Even if you were in the Armed Forces and are seeking a temporary resettlement due to a medical condition or other reason, then we will also be able to accommodate you and your family with some method of temporary accommodation.

We will also be able to point ex servers of the HM forces many different job opportunities, giving them references from their sergeants and peers in order to give possible other employers a better idea of the positive attributes which our ex HM force members have to offer.