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Here at our ELC learning providers directory, we specialise in listing enhanced learning credits providers and private organisations for members of the Armed Forces. Our directory can help you to find an educational institute in the UK who provides the required course(s) to suit your requirements.

Navy Resettlement

If you have been an active member of the navy and are seeking resettlement, then we will be able to help you with a range of navy resettlement options. We are able to offer advice and guidance to all navy service members, whether they are looking for permanent resettlement or temporary resettlement and are also able to offer resettlement premises which are suitable for the navy service members spouse and children, should they be in the picture at this time.

As well as resettlement advice, we are also able to offer financial help for ex navy members in many different ways dependant on their individual circumstances. We also have an enhanced learning credits administration service where you can be granted a one off cash payment to help you with any recognised qualification over a level three. We have a dedicated team who are also able to help navy resettlers find jobs outside of the forces and can offer a range of references from previous navy sergeants and officers to ensure that you get a positive start when leaving the navy.

So if you are looking for support and advice for when you resettle after serving in the navy, then we will be more than glad to help you with all your resettling needs.