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resettlement training

If you are planning on resettling after serving time in the forces, then you may wish to also take advantage of our resettlement training service. Here we can offer a range of training courses and training days for ex forces workers to attend once they have resettled in order to prepare them for work on the outside.

If you are resettling, then you may be leaving the forces for a number of reasons, but whatever the reason, we will be more than happy to offer resettlement training to any member of the forces who is planning to resettle due to their time in the forces being served or their notice being handed in.

We are able to offer resettlement training to any member of the ex forces and can offer any type of training which you require in order to get yourself into one of your desired careers outside of the forces. We have many training courses available and are capable of pointing you in the right direction if you wish to train in an area which we do not offer. Some of the qualifications you can gain from the resettlement training which we offer includes:

  • GCSE's
  • A levels
  • NVQ's
  • Diplomas
  • Degrees
  • Refresher certificates
  • Specialist driving licenses

So if resettlement training is something which you may be interested in when leaving the forces, then why not call or email us for more information today.